Power & Resistance Bands



    Whether you’re a workout rookie or a professional athlete, resistance bands are the ideal training tool to complement any exercise regime. Designed to be highly versatile and super portable, our range of exercise bands are perfect for working out anywhere - from your home to the park, to the gym, or even if you’re travelling. They can be used to strengthen everything from your upper body to your glutes, thighs, hips or calves, so no matter where you are or what you’re doing, a set of exercise bands will help keep your fitness routine on track. 

    The use and benefit of resistance bands are truly limitless. They can add that needed tension to just about every resistance and cardio exercise, and are easy to store at home or on the go, to be used when and where ever.

    Here at World Fitness, we stock a variety of resistance bands, including power resistance bands, light therapy resistance bands and tube resistance bands with handles. 

    Power resistance bands are the equivalent of a massive rubber band. They’re essentially a continuous flat loop that can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use a power band for bodyweight assistance, bodyweight resistance, full-body workouts, physical therapy, static stretching, warming up, or as added resistance with a free weights system. 

    Tube resistance bands have handles you can attach to both ends and are designed to mimic gym machines and dumbbell exercises. They are a great alternative for people who don’t have access to a gym or for those who like to train outdoors, allowing you to hit all the main muscle groups. 

    Therapy resistance bands are light ‘free bands’, meaning they don’t loop (although you can always tie them in a knot). These are great for regaining strength after an injury or for people who want a low impact workout. Light therapy resistance bands are most effective when combined with Pilates or fat burner workouts, adding that extra level of resistance to get a good burn and tone muscle.

    All in all, resistance bands are an inexpensive, portable and highly versatile tool. Enhance your workout experience, and shop the range online today.

    Power Resistance Bands FAQs

    What is the difference between power bands and resistance bands?

    Resistance bands and power bands work in a very similar way, using your own body weight in combination with the band to strengthen and tone. The primary difference comes from the type of exercise each option is most suited to. Power bands are great for heavier work, such as adding extra weight to dumbbells or for exercises where lengthening is important. Being shorter in length, resistance bands are better suited for adding extra force to leg raises.

    Are power bands effective?

    With resistance and power bands, you’re working with elastic resistance, pushing you to use your body weight and strength to add an extra dimension to your workout. They are a great way to enjoy a strength-based workout without the need for weights, space or high costs. Whatever you use the band for - kicking, pushing, pulling, lying or standing, you’re sure to enjoy an effective full-body workout.