Stationary Exercise Bike



    Cycle in comfort and style with our diverse range of stationary exercise bikes. Whether rain or shine, a stationary exercise bike is the perfect companion to help you reach your fitness goals, whatever they may be. With over 14 different models to choose from, we guarantee we have something that will suit your goals, space and budget without having to compromise.

    Created by industry-leading fitness brands like Marcy, Bodyworx, Spirit, Proform and Impetus, our stationary bikes are designed to give you an effective, sustainable cardio workout. Not only do our upright exercise bikes help you to burn fat, work up a sweat and tone your legs, but they do so without putting too much strain on the rest of your body - meaning you can train harder and longer. 

    Customise Your Ride: Stationary Exercise Bikes for Every Fitness Level

    Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, our range of programmable exercise bikes allow you to design your custom workout and tailor it towards your fitness goals and level. In fact, despite being a relatively low-impact workout option, these exercise bikes can be programmed to be just as challenging as road cycling, giving you the same cardio benefits in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

    Offering a great way to work on and maintain your cardiovascular health, stationary exercise bikes target heart rate zones to optimise your aerobic workouts. Regularly using an exercise bike in your fitness routine can help in reducing blood pressure and managing cholesterol levels but also offers a gentle workout, protecting your joints. These benefits and easy customisation in intensity levels make an exercise bike the preferred choice for sustainable and safe cardiovascular conditioning suitable for all fitness levels.

    Featuring comfortable padded seats, tablet, phone and water bottle holders, adjustable positioning, pre-set programs and various resistance levels, our range of exercise bikes are truly designed for everyone. Browse the range now, and purchase with confidence knowing your stationary bike comes with a warranty aligned to your exercise bike model.

    Empower Your Fitness Journey with World Fitness Australia

    Looking for a transformative cardio solution? Explore our range of exercise bikes, including recumbent bikes, spin bikes from brands like Pro Form and more with World Fitness Australia. Browse online or visit our showroom, the biggest in Victoria, to talk to our knowledgeable floor staff and find the perfect stationary exercise bike for your needs. While our prices are competitive, the quality and efficacy of our stationary exercise bikes are uncompromised. Each exercise bike stands as an embodiment of the perfect cardio regimen, combining both comfort and challenge. And, for those keen to get their newest machine into their routine, we offer a 48-hour dispatch. 

    Want to buy a stationary exercise bike but need some help finding the right one for you? Click here for our exercise bike buyer' guide.

    Stationary Exercise Bikes FAQs


    Do stationary exercise bikes give you a good workout?

    Stationary exercise bikes give you a great cardio workout and can be used alone or to complement your existing fitness plan, no matter your fitness level. By including cycling into your workout regime, you can work up a sweat, burn fat and tone your lower body without overloading your joints - the ultimate win-win situation. To make sure you find the perfect exercise bike model that meets your goal, check out our bike buyer guide to simplify your shopping experience.

    Does an exercise bike burn belly fat?

    Exercise bikes are a great cardio-based workout tool that will help you shred and tone. If fat burn is your goal, particularly around your stomach, you’re best using your stationary bike to do high-intensity interval training.

    How do I choose the right exercise bike for my fitness level?

    When selecting an exercise bike tailored to your fitness level, consider your exercise goals. Beginners might benefit from a simple stationary bike with basic settings. Those who are more advanced or have specific training goals might look for a programmable exercise bike that provides a wide range of customisation options, from resistance to workout programmes.

    What is the difference between an upright and a recumbent exercise bike?

    Upright exercise bikes look like traditional bicycles, you’ll sit upright on the seat, actively engaging the core and upper body, for a comprehensive workout. On the other hand, recumbent exercise bikes have a reclined seat position, offering ergonomic advantages that reduce spinal strain and are gentler on joints, making them ideal for those with back issues or during rehabilitation.

    What features should I consider when buying an exercise bike?

    When selecting your stationary exercise bike in Australia, consider these features:

    • Resistance Type: Magnetic or friction-based.
    • Programmability: Ability to customise or use preset workouts.
    • Adjustability: Seat and handlebar positioning.
    • Connectivity: Integration with fitness apps or heart rate monitors.
    • Additional Features: Built-in fans, speakers, or media docks for enhanced workout experiences.

    Are exercise bikes good for weight loss?

    Exercise bikes provide an efficient cardiovascular workout that burns calories. Depending on your weight, intensity, and duration, you can burn upwards of 400 calories an hour depending on your intensity. Combined with a nutritious diet and consistency, they can be a pivotal tool in your weight loss journey.

    Which is better: treadmill or exercise bike?

    Both have merits. While treadmills offer weight-bearing exercises and mimic natural walking or running, exercise bikes provide low-impact cardiovascular workouts, reducing joint stress. The choice between these two cardio machines depends on personal preference.

    How long should you use an exercise bike?

    That depends on your fitness level and goals. As a general guide 20-30 minutes is ideal for beginners, then as stamina builds, aim for 45-60 minutes for optimal benefits.

    How to use an exercise bike effectively?

    You should always ensure you’ve got the right posture to protect your back, adjust the seat height to a comfortable level, and maintain a consistent pace. You can also use programmable features to diversify workouts.

    How much space will an exercise bike take up in my home?

    The average stationary exercise bike will require a space of about 1x2 metres, though this varies by model. It's crucial to measure your designated space and compare it against the bike's dimensions. If space is limited, folding or compact models might be suitable.

    Can I customise the resistance and difficulty settings on the exercise bikes?

    Most modern exercise bikes, especially programmable ones, offer a range of resistance settings. Whether you're aiming for a light, casual workout or an intense session mimicking hill climbs, the versatility of resistance adjustments ensures the bike can evolve with your fitness progression.

    How do I assemble my newly purchased exercise bike?

    Your exercise bike will typically arrive with a detailed assembly manual. While many find the assembly straightforward, if you're not comfortable, it might be worth considering professional assembly services or reaching out to World Fitness's customer support for guidance.

    Is it safe to use an exercise bike during pregnancy or with medical conditions?

    Exercise bikes offer a controlled, low-impact form of exercise, making them a popular choice during pregnancy or for those with specific health concerns. However, it's crucial to consult with a healthcare professional or physiotherapist before commencing or modifying any exercise routine whilst pregnant.

    Can I integrate my exercise bike with fitness apps for tracking workouts?

    The ability to integrate your exercise bike with fitness apps for tracking workouts depends on the specific make and model of the bike. Many modern exercise bikes come with integrated apps and Bluetooth connectivity, for a seamless integration with popular fitness apps. However, it's essential to check the product details and features of your exercise bike to find a model that works with your preferred fitness app.

    What are the energy consumption levels of electric exercise bikes?

    Electric stationary bikes consume minimal energy, while the exact amount of each model and make may vary you can find the specific details in your stationary bike manufacturer guide.

    How often should I service my exercise bike?

    Regular maintenance of your stationary exercise bike will ensure its longevity. Therefore you should service it annually or as recommended in the user manual.

    Who can I contact for customer support and troubleshooting issues with my exercise bike?

    For any concerns, troubleshooting, or guidance related to your stationary exercise bike, World Fitness Australia provides a dedicated support team ready to assist. Whether it's assembly, maintenance, or any other query, we're here to help ensure your cycling experience is seamless.