Cardio Packages



    You'll be sweating up a storm with these epic cardio packages!

    With something for all ages and fitness levels, these super saver bundles are an easy and convenient way to bring your favourite cardio workouts home.

    Packages include general cardio, boxing, and space saver equipment. Cardio doesn’t just have to be limited to running, and we have a range of equipment to get your heart rate up. 

    Cardio has many benefits associated with it as an exercise, chief among them being cardiovascular health and weight loss if it is one of your goals. 

    A combination of exercises, equipment and machines can be used for cardio-based workouts. Our cardio packages include a range of equipment combinations so you can get the most out of your workouts and switch them up to keep them challenging and interesting over time. 

    Our speed and reflex package is perfect for boxing or martial arts lovers, complete with a floor to ceiling ball, speed ball, platform speed bag and floor anchor. This bundle is perfect for anyone looking to improve their speed, stamina or reflexes, not to mention build strength and relieve stress. Enjoy working out your upper body, but feel free to get those feet moving with the floor to ceiling ball.

    If you have knee injuries or prefer to remain seated for cardio workouts, our super saver cardio package or green machine duo are perfect. Featuring a stationary spin bike and a rower, you can work your lower and upper body while getting that heart rate up.

    Other packages can include a ski machine coupled with other machines to help you get a full-body workout that targets upper and lower body muscle groups or a treadmill to build your stamina up. 

    No matter how you like to work out, you can be sure our cardio packages offer plenty of versatility, so your workouts are just challenging enough without ever becoming repetitive. Choose your equipment based on your needs or training style from World Fitness now.