Strength Packages



    Whether you are looking to upgrade your commercial or personal setup, our range of strength-based packages is sure to cater to your needs. We've carefully created a broad range of strength-based packages for every type of lifter. Whether you're just a beginner or an old friend of the squat rack, we've got something that'll match your needs and your budget!

    We have general strength packages available for those looking to improve general form and shape, that will help target a broad range of muscle groups and improve overall fitness.

    We also offer Olympic barbell & plate sets for those who are looking to get into heavier lifts and want to target a range of muscle groups with only one piece of equipment. From cleans, snatches, squats or hip thrusts, these sets are the best way to replace well-loved equipment or improve your existing range to include new or heavier weights.

    If you are looking to target just your upper & lower body specifically, we also have strength-based equipment for that too. Whether it’s a cage set with a built-in pulley system or a strength training package that includes a bench, your options for finding the right equipment to suit your training needs are endless. 

    From functional training to weights or isolated muscle groups, our range of strength training packages has all your options covered. Discover the right set for your needs online now. Shop with World Fitness Australia for quality equipment to take your training to the next level.