If weight training is your jam, then you're going to love our collection of functional trainer machines! Not only are these elite strength building machines a versatile, compact choice for any home or commercial gym, but their multi-use functionality means they’re great for all ages and ability levels. It doesn’t matter if you’re a rookie or a pro; a functional trainer is guaranteed to help you tackle your health and fitness goals head-on. Whether you’re looking to build strength, tone up, or burn calories, a functional trainer workout is sure to get you the results you’re looking for!

Here at World Fitness, we offer a diverse range of functional trainers, including cable trainers, pulley systems and smith machine setups. All of our machines have been carefully selected from industry-leading brands, including Body Iron, Bodycraft, Next Fitness and Pivot, so no matter which machine you choose, you can be sure you’re getting nothing but the best.

Whether you’re browsing for home or commercial use, our range of functional trainers truly has something for all. From simplistic functional trainers to machines that are jam-packed full of the latest and greatest top-of-the-range features, we’ve made sure we have a machine to match the needs and budgets of all of our customers. So, what are you waiting for? Take your workout routine to the next level, and shop our range of functional trainer machines online now!

Functional Trainers FAQs

What is a functional trainer machine?

A functional trainer is essentially a piece of equipment that combines a range of different, separate machines. Generally, they look like a massive cage, chock-full of various weights, bars, pulleys and cables. Depending on the functional trainer you opt for, the inclusions may be different, but in short, even the most basic of these machines are some of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment ever conceived - and a definite must-have for any gym set up.

Are functional trainers worth it?

If you ask us, functional trainers are worth every cent! They can be used by all ages and fitness levels, plus they offer practically endless workout options. Not to mention, functional trainers are also safer than most exercising equipment and much less intimidating, which is a huge win if you’re just getting started on your fitness journey. Basically, if you’re looking for a great full-body workout that accommodates your space, budget and goals, then a functional trainer is definitely worth your consideration!

What exercises can you do on a functional trainer?

The real question is, what exercises can’t you do on a functional trainer! Being a multipurpose machine with a huge array of available attachments, the exercises you can and can’t do are really only limited by your own imagination. To list a few, some of our favourite functional trainer exercises are: chest press, seated shoulder press, standing bicep curl, glute kickback, tricep pushdown, ad crunch, pullups, and bent legged deadlifts.