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Body Iron Commercial Olympic Trap Bar

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Providing a beginner friendly way to perform deadlifts, bent over rows, and lunges, this Body Iron Commercial Trap Bar will have you mastering your technique in no time!

Designed so you stand inside the frame, the trap bar has neutral grip handles either side, allowing you to grab the bar laterally. This offers a more natural grip compared to your regular straight bar.

When performing deadlifts, the trap bar helps your body remain in an upright position, maintaining a neutral spine. This puts beginner lifters in a position that encourages a hip hinge, taking pressure off the spine and putting it into the right areas such as your abs, glutes and hips.

The wide inside space ensures that the bar will not hit your body when exercising, so that you spend more time concentrating on your technique rather than messing around with equipment.


Approximate Product Weight: 30kg. 

Maximum Weight Capacity: 500kg.


Product Dimensions: 160cm (L) X 61cm (W) X 18cm (H). approximately

Knurl: Standard.

Material: Steel.

Sleeve Diameter: 50mm.

Sleeve Finish: Chrome.

Shaft Finish: Chrome. 


  • 50mm Sleeves: makes this trap bar compatible with any Olympic sized weight plates.

  • 28mm Grip: smooth handles with standard barbell knurling, you'll be able to secure a firm yet comfortable grip for all your heavy lifting.

  • Diamond Shape: enables you to perform various exercises with the weights beside you, rather than in front. This helps to reduce the strain on your back, and helps you to perform some exercises with better technique.

  • 500kg Weight Rating: capable of handling some serious weight, this trap barbell is the ultimate tool for developing strength and muscle mass.