Medicine, Slam & Wall Balls



    Medicine balls, slam balls and wall balls are commonly used in functional conditioning, strength training and rehabilitation, making them one of the most adaptable and versatile pieces of fitness equipment on the market.
      Slam balls are the baddest of the bunch. Soft and squishy in texture, they are generally much heavier and more durable compared to medicine and wall balls. This is because slam balls are designed to be plummeted at the ground with extreme power, so they need to be able to withstand a fair bit of impact. They are a great piece of equipment for targeting multiple muscles simultaneously, making them ideal for strength training.
        Now, I'm sure you can figure out what wall balls are used for... that's right, TO BE USED WITH WALL! Much larger in size, these big softies are made to absorb impact. Usually made with a smooth vinyl, wall balls are safe to throw and are usually used to perform exercises such as wall throws & sit ups.
          And last, but certainly not least is the medicine ball. Most commonly used for functional training and rehabilitation, medicine balls are comparable to a basketball.. except a lot heavier! They are designed to bounce off surfaces, making them great to be used individually or with a partner.
            Develop strength, power and speed with our extensive range of slam, wall and medicine balls!