Body Iron Bicep Curl & Tricep Extension

Body Iron

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Body Iron Bicep Curl & Tricep Extension

The two main exercises that can be completed on this machine are the seated Biceps Curl and the Triceps Extension. This machine is compact enough for home use.

Triceps can be a difficult muscle group to target, but the Body Iron Bicep Curl & Tricep Extension Machine is focused on doing just that. Seat and Hand grip by popper pin adjustment allow for the user to find that perfect position while training. Resistance dial with 26 positions to strengthen and tone the muscles. Using the proper form is essential to working the muscles most efficiently.

Position 1: Triceps- weight is behind peg / arm bar is set high (above arm pad).

Position 2: Biceps- weight is in front of the peg / arm bar is set low (in front of machine).

Body Iron Bicep Curl & Tricep Extension intelligent dual-function design. Raise or lower the adjustable seat for proper positioning and then rest your arms on the over-stuffed support pad. Positioned at a 30° angle for precise biomechanical movement, Pull the jumbo pop pin to lower the lifting arm and grab hold of the rotating v-bar handle to blast out a burning set of arm curls. Now adjust the lifting arm upward and lock it in for an exhilarating triceps workout. 


Product Features:

    • Perfect 30 angle
    • Adjustable arm pad
    • V-Bar handle for to blast out a burning set of arm curls
    • Adjustable lifting arm can be positioned upward for triceps
    • Height adjustable seat
    • Ultra-thick upholstery
    • Seat rating: 150kg
    • Plate Holder rating: 150kg
    • For Standard plates & Olympic plates
    • Approximate Dimensions: L 102 x l 114 x h 109 cm
    • 12 months warranty

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