Body Iron 7ft Slate Commercial Olympic Barbell Rated 2000lbs
Body Iron Slate barbell knurl
Deadlift hand positioning
Slate barbell
Body Iron 7ft Slate Commercial Olympic Barbell Rated 2000lbs
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Body Iron 7ft Slate Commercial Olympic Barbell Rated 2000lbs

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The Body Iron 7ft Slate barbell will take your strength training to the next level! With a massive weight rating of 907kg (2000lbs), this bar well exceeds the capabilities of human strength. Pair this with a 235,000-psi rating and this bar is going to last you a lifetime!

Featuring a 28mm handle and standard knurl with hardened chrome finish, the Slate barbell enables you to secure a strong grip for all your major Olympic lifts, including squats, deadlifts, and bench press. In fact, this bar meets all the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) requirements for competition use, making it the perfect weightlifting tool.

Built with 5 needle bearings on either side, this bar allows for a nice smooth movement, with ample rotation.

The 50mm sleeves are compatible with any Olympic sized weight plates, making it an easy fit to any commercial gym.

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        Product Weight: 20kg.

        Rated Strength: 235 000 psi.

        Rated Capacity: 907kg (2000LBS).



          Length: 220cm.

          Knurl: Standard.

          Sleeve Diameter: 50mm.

          Sleeve Finish: Hardened chrome.

          Sleeve Rotation: 10 needle bearings.

          Shaft Diameter: 28mm.

          Shaft Finish: Hardened chrome. 

          Body Iron Slate Barbell specifications


            Shipping Weight: 22kg.

            Shipping Dimensions: 225cm (L) X 7.5cm (W) X 7.5cm (H) round tube.

            • Competition Grade: Slate barbells are collaborated within 1% weight accuracy, giving you a competition-grade Olympic barbell.

            • IWF Specifications: the IWF specifications and IWF ring positioning assists with grip and hand positioning.

            • Tensile Strength: with a 235,000-psi rating, this barbell is virtually unbendable. This makes it the ideal choice for Olympic lifting.

            • Stainless Steel Bushing: these high-quality bushings allow you to enjoy an incredibly smooth feel whilst exercising, whilst also aiding the durability of the barbell.
              12 months warranty.
                General wear and tear not covered.