Body Iron FT750 Smith Machine Power Rack Functional Trainer
Female doing pull up on functional trainer
Body Iron FT750 Smith Machine Power Rack Functional Trainer
female doing chest flies on black functional trainer
Body Iron FT750 Smith Machine Power Rack Functional Trainer
female doing squat on smith machine
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Body Iron All-In-One Functional Trainer FT750

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The Body Iron All-In-One Functional Trainer FT750 is a top of the range, guaranteed to keep your workouts fresh and interesting for years to come! Suitable for home or commercial use, the FT750 offers everything you need to achieve an intense, full body workout using a single piece of equipment.

This multi-use machine features some of the most effective strength equipment, including a functional trainer, smith machine, power rack and multi-grip chin up bar. These pieces of equipment are excellent for performing a wide variety of upper and lower body exercises includes squats, deadlifts, bench press and pull ups. This means you can enjoy a well rounded workout, or train specific muscle groups as you please all with the one piece of equipment. Save on space but work up a sweat.

The Body Iron FT750 also includes two single handle attachments, as well as a long bar to add even more variety to your training. These attachments are extremely useful for performing a range of isolated exercises, such as bicep curls, lateral raises and triceps kickbacks, which is great for focusing in and targeting a specific muscle (or muscle group) during a training session.


    Weight Stack: 2 X 110kg.

    Product Weight: 430kg.

    Maximum Rackable Weight: 

    Maximum Rackable Weight (smith machine): 400kg.

    Maximum Rackable Weight (power rack): 300kg.

    Whole Rack Capacity: 400kg.



    Assembled Dimensions: 142cm (L) x 197cm (W) x 230cm (H) approx.

    Inside Width: 110cm approx.

    Outside Width: 190cm approx.

    Inside Depth: 115cm approx.

    Outside Depth: 135cm approx (196cm approx. with plate holders attached).

    Maximum Pull Up Bar Height:  210cm approx.



    Material: Chrome front poles, black powder coated finish on frame.

    Finish: Powder coating,

    Hardware Size: 10mm. 

    Hole Spacing: 8cm. 

    Number of Holes: 21. 



    2 x Single handles.

    1 x Long bar

    1 x Pair J-Hooks

    1 x Pair Spotter Arms

    2 x 110kg Steel Weight Stacks.



    Boxed Dimensions - Smith Machine: 

    Box 1: 220cm (L) X 46cm (W) X 8cm (W) - 36kg.

    Box 2: 218cm (L) X 22cm (W) X 12cm (H) - 38kg.

    Box 3: 212cm (L) X 28cm (W) X 12cm (H) - 43kg.

    Box 4: 136cm (L) X 43cm (W) X 14cm (H) - 39kg.

    Box 5: 95cm (L) X 50cm (W) X 20cm (H) - 53kg.

    Box 6: 30cm (L) X 30cm (W) X 20cm (H) - 10kg.

    Boxed Dimensions - Weight Stack: 

    Box 1 (6 QTY): 30cm (L) X 10cm (W) X 20cm (H) - 30kg (X 6QTY)

    Box 2 (2 QTY): 30cm (L) X 15cm (W) X 15cm (H) - 20kg (X 2QTY)


    **Please note: some orders will be delivered on a pallet or skid due to the size & quantity of boxes being delivered, for easy and cost effective shipping**

      • CONSTRUCTION: built from heavy-duty steel that is resistant to wear and tear.

      • VERSATILITY: 3-in-1 machine that combines the three main functions of cable, smith and power rack.

      • COMPATIBILITY: can be used with a wide variety of fitness equipment including weight benches, power bands, barbells and Olympic weight plates.

      • BUILT-IN WEIGHTS: comes equipped with 2 x 110kg precisely milled, steel plates with nylon bushing.

      • SMITH MACHINE: built with linear bearings for smooth movement.

      • STORAGE PEGS: for weight plates (only compatible with Olympic plates).

      Lifetime frame (against manufacturing defects).

      1 year parts.