Nirvana Elite 15 Metre Battle Rope
Nirvana Elite 15 Metre Battle Rope
Nirvana Elite 15 Metre Battle Rope
Nirvana Elite 15 Metre Battle Rope
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Nirvana Elite 15 Metre Battle Rope

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Our premium quality Elite Battle Rope is built to take workout after workout. Made from high quality 38mm diameter nylon rope and covered in a thick nylon sleeve this bit of gear weighs in at 12kgs. Suitable for Commercial Gyms and Home Gyms alike this popular piece of Gym Equipment will not let you down!

The Battle Rope is a supersized heavy rope often used for resistance and/or High intensity Cardio training. They are very effective in functionally working your whole body: arms, legs, back, core, co-ordination, balance etc. These ones are especially durable and long-lasting!

The ELITE Battle Rope helps to works each of your arm independently and eliminate strength imbalances as they sculpt your muscle. They are the perfect tool too add a high intensity blast to your workout as they burn approximately 10 calories per minute. It is no surprise that it is a favourite workout among many MMA fighters and top fitness experts. Waving, slamming, whipping or thrashing this heavy ropes in high intensity intervals will help you targets your whole body while also hitting your cardio needs. On top of this, they are an extremely fun workout tool to use. Using many different joints and muscles together means they are very safe to use.

  • Our Battle Rope is 15 m long, 38 mm diameter of durable premium nylon
  • Nirvana Tech nylon sleeve for sleek design and added durability
  • Heavy-duty 12 kg weight
  • Highly effective cardio tool and fat burner used in HIIT workouts
  • Our 15M ELITE Battle Rope is made from of high-quality nylon with and it will withstand any workout you put it through.
  • Covered in a thick nylon sleeve making it even more heavy duty.
  • The two ends of the battle rope are covered in a thick rubber to ensure no fraying and no rope burn that can come with other ropes.