Hand gripping single cable attachment
TPR Single Handle Cable Attachment
Black and red single handle cable attachment with textured handle
Single handle cable attachment with blue grooved handle and black strap
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TPR Single Handle Cable Attachment

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An innovative single handle cable attachment that'll elevate the way you train.

Made from thermoplastic rubber (TPR), this cable attachment is highly resistant to moisture, allowing you to maintain a firm and comfortable grip when working up a sweat. Pair this with the grooved handles and you'll be have optimal grip strength even with wet or slippery hands. 

Compatible with any cable pulley machine or functional trainer, the TPR single handle is suited to all gym environments. The heavy-duty plastic core, nylon webbing strap and metal D-ring eyelet add to its durability, ensuring it'll survive years in your fitness space. 

With three colours to choose from and bearing a 120kg weight capacity, the TPR Single Handle Cable Attachment will complement your other equipment while helping you achieve some unprecedented gains. 

Please note: This single handle attachment is sold individually, and does not come in a pair. Carabiner is not included. 

Maximum Weight Capacity: 120kg. 

Product Dimensions: 23cm (L) X 14.8cm (W).


Handle - Thermoplastic rubber (TPR)

Strap - Nylon.

Core - Plastic.

D-Ring - Metal.

Colours: Red, blue and black.  

  • MOISTURE RESISTANT: You'll be able to secure firm yet comfortable grip, even if you hands are slippery or sweaty. 

  • DURABLE MATERIALS: TPR is generally longer lasting compared to other rubbers, as it has a better ability to stretch and maintain its strength during the production process. The plastic core and nylon webbing also enhances the longevity of this cable attachment. 

  • D-RING EYELET: Allows for safe and easy attachment to any cable pulley. 

  • 120KG WEIGHT CAPACITY: This single handle attachment will be able to keep up with even the strongest athletes with its huge weight rating.

  • VERSATILE: This attachment can be used for a wide variety of exercises including:
    • Cable flies. 
    • Single arm back rows. 
    • Wood chucks.
    • Tricep kick backs. 
    • Bicep curls; and a ton more!
TPR Single Handle Cable Attachment Product Benefits