How a Home Gym Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

Why now is the perfect time to invest in a home gym!

We’ve done it folks’, life is almost back to normal after a tough stint of harsh lockdown's and strict restrictions. But as we are all returning to work, taking off on vacay and catching up on missed social events, getting back into a solid gym routine may be a little harder than originally thought. So, why not make things easier for yourself by investing in a home gym? 

Here are our top 4 reasons why now is the perfect time to starting building your home gym:

1. More time for you

With increased freedom comes increased time constraints. We are back to the 6:00am wake ups and 6:00pm arrivals home. Family dinners, work functions and birthday parties are all on the rise, cramming our weeks full of fun, but also leaving us little time to hit the gym. 

Having a home gym leaves us less bound by time and offers us greater flexibility to stick to a solid workout regime. It allows you to sneak in a sweaty HIIT session each morning before the kids wake up or to enjoy a late night weight’s session after a big day’s work.

2. No more compromise

How many times have you passed up an early morning gym session for an extra 30 minutes sleep? We don’t blame you! 

Waking up at the crack of dawn to get your daily exercise in bright and early sounds all good in theory, until we forget to factor in travel time, getting ready and the possibility of maybe needing an extra 10 minutes shut eye before starting our day. Well, great news! By having a home gym you can now replace that 15 minute car ride with 15 steps to your very own studio! By being able to workout from the comfort of your own home you’ll no longer have to choose between the snooze button or your workout that day.

3. Tailored to reach your goals

Making the decision to go to the gym is an awesome first step, but does your hometown actually have a facility suited to you?

One of the single most great things about building your own gym is the fact that you can tailor it exactly to your own wants and needs. There’s no ‘making do’ with whatever equipment is there, adjusting your workouts because someone’s hogging the squat rack or attending any random class just because it’s the only time you’re available. By purchasing your own equipment you’re able to build a set-up that allows you to enjoy your favourite type of exercise, to achieve your unique health and fitness goals!

Female performing pull up using FT750 Smith Machine Rack


$25 per week for unlimited gym access sounds like a pretttttty good deal right? But if you’re paying that each week for 5 years, that’s nearly $7000 spent on membership fees alone!

If you were to invest that money into your dream home gym, you could build one sick set up. Just to show you how much money you could save, we’ve put together a few budgeted home gyms that feature a diverse range of equipment to suit all fitness levels.

5. Preparation is key

Now, we may have done a pretty good job of kicking Corona’s butt, however we aren’t quite out of the woods yet. There is still a risk that another outbreak could occur and we are yet again confined to the comforts of our own home, so why not be prepared?

Having a home gym not only reduces your risk of contracting COVID-19 (or any other illness) from sharing equipment at the gym, but it also means your exercise routine won’t take a nosedive if we enter another lockdown. 

For any further advice on preparing for life after lockdown, or for any assistance in building a home gym, we encourage you to get in contact with our expert staff!

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