Gym Rigs



    Gym rigs embody versatility, strength, and innovation in the fitness world. They are the ultimate companions for dedicated fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes. Our gym rigs are meticulously designed to empower you in your quest for fitness excellence, offering a wide range of possibilities to suit your unique goals.

    Our gym rigs come in various configurations, from space-efficient wall-mounted rigs that make the most of your workout space to robust power squat racks that provide unwavering support during heavyweight lifting sessions. Whether you're on a mission to build strength, enhance functional fitness, or engage in intense cross-training, our gym rigs offer the ideal foundation for all your workout needs.

    Discover the world of fitness opportunities that our gym rigs open up for you. 

    Explore our collection of gym rigs and set off on your journey towards achieving your fitness dreams. At World Fitness Australia, we are committed to elevating your fitness journey, one gym rig at a time. Visit our showroom and explore our gym rigs today to revolutionise your training. For more information, make sure to read over our power rack buyers guide.




    Gym rigs are versatile, multifunctional fitness equipment providing a comprehensive platform for various exercises and training modalities. They typically consist of a sturdy frame with multiple attachment points, such as pull-up bars, squat racks, suspension anchors, and more, allowing users to perform bodyweight exercises, weightlifting, functional fitness routines, and suspension training, among other activities.

    A gym rig is a multifunctional fitness equipment designed for a wide range of exercises and training modalities, including bodyweight exercises, functional fitness, and suspension training. In contrast, a power rack is specifically tailored for traditional strength training, featuring safety bars and adjustable J-hooks to support heavy barbell movements like squats, bench presses, and overhead presses. While gym rigs offer versatility, power racks focus more on strength and powerlifting exercises.

    Free-standing rigs and wall-mounted rigs differ in their installation and space requirements. Free-standing rigs are self-supporting structures that stand independently within your gym space, offering greater stability but requiring more floor space. As the name suggests, wall-mounted rigs attach to the wall, saving floor space while maintaining stability through proper installation.

    Gym rigs provide a versatile training platform suitable for a wide variety of exercises, making them perfect for cross-training and functional fitness. Gym rigs can accommodate multiple users simultaneously, promoting group workouts and collaboration. They also encourage creativity in exercise programming, allowing you to constantly challenge and progress in your fitness journey.

    There are various types of gym rigs available, including functional fitness rigs, squat rigs, wall-mounted rigs, and powerlifting racks. Each type is designed with specific features and attachments to cater to different training goals and modalities. Functional fitness rigs typically offer the most versatility, incorporating pull-up bars, dip stations, and more, while squat rigs and powerlifting racks focus on strength training movements. Wall-mounted rigs are space-efficient solutions for home and commercial gyms.