Squat Racks and Stands


     Squat Racks and Stands

    Perfect your gym set up with World Fitness Australia’s range of squat stands and squat racks. Whether you are looking for something for your at-home gym or want something commercial-grade, our range has it all, to help you do it all.


    Squat racks are designed to assist you when performing big movements like squats or bench presses. With a range of different bar heights, you can comfortably unrack and rerack your weights before and after your set, our equipment is sure to provide the support you need while you train.


    We understand that you may want to buy everything in one go, so we also stock squat rack packages for a one-stop-shop and to get you set up faster.


    If you need some help choosing the perfect squat rack or squat stand, have questions, or simply want more information feel free to contact us or click here for our racks, rigs, and cages buyer's guide.


    Squat Rack FAQs
    Should I buy a squat rack?


    If you are looking to lift heavy weights at home, a squat rack or stand is an essential piece of equipment for a quality home gym. A squat rack will allow you to make heavy lifts in a safe and comfortable position. Squat stands are not only good for squats but can be used for a range of exercises to be performed.


    What do squat racks do?
    The main reason for using squat racks is to help you gradually increase the amount of weight that you can use in exercises. Squat racks can also help you safely hit personal bests in the gym and support how the weight is loaded onto a barbell.