Rubber Hex Dumbbells

Don't compromise on quality:

What separates new Body -Iron Rubber Hex Dumbbells from the rest?

Body-Iron Rubber Hex Dumbbells might look the same as cheap models out
on the market, what you don't see is the quality and weight tolerance.

Weight Tolerance meaning when you have 10kg Hex Dumbbell it should be
very close to 10Kg. Our Hex Dumbbells have a Weight Tolerance of +/-
3% not 4-10% like other competitors or auction sites. Meaning when you
buy a Hex Dumbbell that has a Weight Tolerance of 10% it will weigh
around 9Kg and you have paid for a pair that is 2Kg that will not be
on the Hex Dumbbells.

Our Hex dumbbells are design with a permanently attaches cast iron
heads to solid steel handles. This is what separates a residential
rubber hex from a commercial rubber hex. Cheap, low quality rubber hex
dumbbells only have the heads glued to the handles, which more times
than not separates and falls apart if repeatedly dropped.

The virgin rubber used to create the impact resistant shell of the
Body -Iron rubber hex is long lasting and will not dry out, crack and
peel like inferior recycled rubber.

Any product produced from rubber can have an initial rubber smell upon
delivery. This slight odour soon dissipates from quality made fitness
products. Cheap, low quality rubber hex dumbbells can be made with
dirty, toxic fillers, such as used motor oil, that will quickly fill a
room with noxious odours that often never goes away. Body -Iron rubber
hex dumbbells are ideal for any location with or without proper

There is a common thing with "economy" rubber hex dumbbell that are
simply glued together, a common problem for the unsuspecting consumer
is that head end tips of the dumbbells break off after being dropped
from knee high.

There is a lot of competitors on the market that say their hex
dumbbell are commercial but that is not true. Fill free to come to our
showroom and try before you buy.

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