3.5ft Olympic Barbell
barbell bicep curl using 3.5ft barbell
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3.5ft Olympic Barbell

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Looks can often be deceiving, but don’t be fooled, this 3.5 ft Olympic barbell still offers a killer workout.

Ideal for beginner lifers, including children and the elderly, this is a great way to begin learning the proper technique for various barbell exercises, especially when your standard 20kg barbell is too heavy.

Designed to be used with lighter weights, this half-sized Olympic barbell is excellent for working on your muscular endurance and to build lean muscle mass.

Featuring a 30mm centre handle and 50mm sleeves, this bar can be used with any Olympic sized weight plates. 

** Please note: Weight plates & Snap Collars are optional extras and a NOT included**

  • Size: half the size of a standard Olympic barbell, this bar is excellent for beginners who aren’t trying to lift massive loads, for functional-training enthusiasts or people who are short on space.

  • Compatibility: can be loaded up with any Olympic sized weight plates.


      Product Weight: 2.1kg.

      Rated Capacity: 50kg.



        Knurl: None.

        Sleeve Diameter: 50mm.

        Sleeve Rotation: None.

        Shaft Diameter: 30mm.


          Shipping Weight: 3kg.

              12 months warranty.
                General wear and tear not covered.