Adjustable Speed jumping rope (skipping rope blue)

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2.70 metre speed jumping rope (skipping rope)

Jumping rope is one of the most efficient methods of cardio training. Jumping rope for 10 minutes at a moderate pace is the equivalent to running one mile in 12 minutes, cycling 2 miles in six minutes, swimming a quarter mile in 12 minutes.


Product Features

  • 1 Qty Speed Skipping Rope
  • Total length from each end of the handle is 270cm
  • Specially designed for speed jumping
  • Unique in design
  • Light weight handles for non-slip grip
  • Handle made of plastic, rope uses strong PVC polymer
  • Durable segmented plastic jump rope over heavy-duty nylon rope with spin-free colored handles, designed for durability, flexibility and speed
  • Jumping rope is a very good calorie burner and is also a fun playground activity
  • You can have a total body workout without leaving home and without the feeling you are actually exercising
  • It develops excellent footwork and coordination and also gives a very efficient cardiovascular workout and muscle toning
  • Picture is accurate description, but color is various depending on availability
  • This sale include 1 x 2.70m skipping rope (black Handles)

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