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Body Iron 975 kg Commercial Rubber Dumbbell Set with Optional Rack

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Dumbbells are a must have piece of equipment in any fitness space. Offering some of the greatest exercise flexibility, these weights are an excellent tool for building total body strength, particularly in your arms, shoulders and chest.

Designed to be used hand in hand, dumbbells enable us to achieve a greater range of motion during any particular exercise. This is extremely important when we are trying to build muscle mass, as it allows us to recruit more muscle fibres, which over time, will lead to greater adaptations of the muscle. Some of our favourite dumbbell exercises include various presses, flies and curls.

This Body Iron dumbbell set includes 10 pairs of premium rubber dumbbells, with each pair increasing by 2.5kg increments. This enables you to continuously challenge yourself and gradually build strength.

  • Rubber coating: the durable rubber coating not only protects your equipment and flooring if accidentally dropped, but it is also much safer for users compared to chrome or iron dumbbells, making them ideal for lifting heavier loads. 

  • Chrome handles: ridged silver chrome handles that provide a comfortable yet stern grip. 

Product Weight: 37.5kg, 40kg, 42.5kg, 45kg, 47.5Kg, 50kg, 52.5kg, 55kg, 57.5kg, 60kg.

Handle Length: 15cm for all dumbbells.

Knurl: non-aggressive.

Shaft Diameter: 3.3cm. 

Shaft Finish: Chrome. 

Finish: Rubber on ends, chrome shaft.

Sleeve Rotation: none.



Dumbbell rack - $700

This 10-Pair Dumbbell Rack is guaranteed to look good in any setting! With its sturdy, solid steel construction, load it up with your set of dumbbells and this unit is ready to rumble!

Approximate Assembled Dimensions: 62cm (L) X 263cm (W) X 81cm (H).