Body Iron Compact Hip Thrust Platform
Black steel hip thrust platform with black vinyl cushion
Back pad and transport wheels on hip thrust station
foot plate and transport handle attached to hip thrust station
Black steel band pegs
Four black metal band pegs
Body Iron branding on machine frame
Black steel foot plate with rigid surface
Four black steel resistance band pegs
Body Iron Compact Hip Thrust Platform
Body Iron Compact Hip Thrust Platform
Female using with barbell on Body Iron hip thrust platform
Female doing Bulgarian split squat on Body Hip Thrust Platform
Body Iron Compact Hip Thrust Platform
Body Iron Compact Hip Thrust Platform
Body Iron Compact Hip Thrust Platform
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Body Iron Compact Hip Thrust Platform

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The perfect compact hip thrust platform for your home or commercial gym. Tried and tested by industry professionals, this speciality machine is guaranteed to set your hip thrusts up for success.

Built with a durable steel frame and comfortable foam upholstery, this hip thrusting station was designed for comfortable yet heavy lifting. The large ergonomic back pad has been specially designed to support your spine through each stage of a hip flexion movement, bracing each vertebrae as you move up and down. Made with a thick, dense foam the back rest will provide a comfortable lifting surface for your hip thrusts ensuring pressure is alleviated from your posterior muscles.

Another major benefit of the curved back pad is that it's much easier to get into the hip thrust position. Most people find it difficult to lift their shoulders onto a regular weight bench because the seat is too high. This problem is eliminated with the Body Iron Compact Hip Thrust Platform, as the back pad is much lower to the ground, and supports your back the full way as you lift onto your shoulders to the top of the pad. 

Included are four band pegs to help add to the intensity of your workouts. Just secure your power bands to the pegs and wrap them around your barbell or hips for extra resistance. This is a great way to continue adding progressive overload to your training when adding extra weight plates is too difficult. 

It has also been fitted with a large ridged foot plate for extra stability, as well as two transport wheels and a handle, so you can easily move the platform around your gym. 



    Product Weight: 26kg.

    Maximum Weight Capacity: 250kg.


    Assembled Dimensions: 140cm (L) X 95cm (W) X 52cm (H).

    Foot Plate Dimensions: 60cm (L) X 65cm (W). 

    Back Pad Dimensions: 81cm (L) X 26cm (W) X 14cm (H). 

    Band Peg Length: 30cm.




    Frame - Steel.

    Cushion - Foam. 


    Frame - Black powder coat.

    Cushion - Black vinyl.



    4 X Band pegs.

    2 X Transport wheels.

    1 X Transport handle.  



    Box 1: 142cm (L) X 54cm (W) X 17cm (H) - 20kg.

    Box 2: 80cm (L) X 70cm (W) X 8cm(H) - 7kg. 

      • CURVED BACK REST: Designed to follow the movement of your back as you move through your hip thrusts, supporting your spine at all times. This also makes it easier to set up for hip thrusts.

      • MULTI-PURPOSE: Can be used for hip thrusts, Bulgarian split squats, glute pulses, and decline push ups.

      • REMOVABLE BAND PEGS: Can be used with resistance bands for added tension. 

      • RIGID FOOT PLATE: Provides a non-slip surface to ensure your feet don't slip during your lifts. 

      • TRANSPORT WHEELS AND HANDLE: To easily manoeuvre the hip thrust station around your gym. 

      12 months frame and parts. 3 months upholstery.