Body Iron Leg Extension & Curl Machine
Body Iron Leg Extension & Curl Machine
Weight plate holder on leg extension
Foam leg holder on leg extension and curl machine
Red pop pin adjustment on leg curl and leg developer machine
Leg holder in storage holder on leg extension and curl machine
weight plate loader
adjustment dial on back pad of exercise machine
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Body Iron Leg Extension & Curl Machine
Body Iron Leg Extension & Curl Machine
Body Iron Leg Extension & Curl Machine
Body Iron Leg Extension & Curl Machine
Body Iron Leg Extension & Curl Machine
Female performing donkey kick on leg extension and leg curl machine
Female performing leg extension
Female performing leg curl on machine
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Body Iron Leg Extension & Curl Machine

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You'll wish every day was leg day with the Body Iron Leg Extension and Curl Machine. Supporting a range of knee flexion and extension movements, this beast will help you target your quads, hamstrings and glutes and can assist with developing lower body strength, muscle mass and definition.

Featuring a comfortable, high-density foam back pad that can be easily adjusted forwards or backwards, this strength machine accommodates to a wide range of body lengths and sizes. This allows for the most optimal positioning to help you maintain the best form and ensures you're performing all exercises with the correct technique and staying comfortable.

The sundial adjuster allows you to effortlessly increase or decrease your range of motion, making it user friendly for all ages and fitness levels.

Now, to get to the fun part. The leg extension is the king of all quad exercises. For decades this timeless exercise has been providing lifters with a simple yet effective method for hitting all four quadriceps simultaneously.

Not only is the leg extension an excellent exercise for helping grow your quads, but it can also be used to assist with rehabbing knee injuries and improving joint mobility thanks to its ability to accommodate low impact movements that still build muscle.

On the other hand (or should we say leg), the leg curl is awesome for strengthening your glutes and hamstrings, as it stretches the muscles whilst fighting resistance. This helps you achieve a fully-rounded leg day, ensuring that you target all the right muscles to develop strength and size.

The machine is compatible with any Olympic weight plates and is fully adjustable, making it a very versatile piece of kit that can suit many training requirements. Its heavy-duty steel construction increases its safety and allows it to withstand any punishment you give it! The cool matte black powder coating finish looks slick and will blend nicely into any gym environment. For an all-encompassing leg session, you have everything you need. Look no further.



To perform this exercise correctly lower the lifting arm and position your legs behind the oversized roller. Stack on some weights (always double checking everything is securely locked in place) before extending your legs until they are straight, holding the tension in your quads. Slowly lower them back down and repeat. 

Hot tip: Adjust the support rollers so they apply just a little bit of pressure to your legs as this will prevent them from rising during the exercise, minimising any risk of injury from locking out at full extension.


To perform this exercise correctly bring the lifting arm back to a higher position. Sit down, wrap your legs over the foam roller, and press down. Once you've reached the bottom pause for a moment before slowly going back to the starting position.

It's important to remember that before loading up for either of these exercise that you check the lock pin is in the correct position and that everything is safe and secure.



    Product Weight: 40kg.

    Maximum Weight Capacity: 100kg.



    Assembled Dimensions: 140cm (L) x 125cm (W) x 95cm (H).

    Sleeve Length: 22cm.

    Sleeve Diameter: 50mm, compatible with Olympic weight plates.

    Material: Steel.

    Finish: Matte black powder coated finish.



    Box 1 - 97cm (L) X 91cm (W) X 16cm (H) - 31kg.

    Box 2 - 75cm (L) X 27cm (W) X25cm (H) - 10kg.

    • DUAL PURPOSE: by allowing for multiple exercises you'll be able to target all areas of your legs to achieve an effective lower-body routine.

    • FULL ADJUSTABLE: you can easily adjust or remove the leg stabiliser at the front of the machine. The sun dial and pop-pin also make for effortless adjustment of the leg pad and seat to suit all users.

    • PICK YOUR WEIGHT: compatible with any Olympic weight plates you can load up the weight plate peg on the left hand side to suit your training needs.

    • SUPPORT HANDLES: On either side of the seat are smooth handles you can grab to help keep you safe and supported during your workout. 

    • THICK FOAM UPHOLSTERY: the seat and back pad are made from a firm yet comfortable foam, covered in a sleek black vinyl that is easy to clean and resistant to wear and tear. 

    • STRONG STEEL FRAME: made from a heavy-duty steel and covered in a matte black powder coated finish, this strength machine was made to withstand some heavy leg days!
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