Black prone leg curl and leg extension machine
Body Iron Leg Extension & Prone Curl Machine
Body Iron Leg Extension & Prone Curl Machine
Body Iron Leg Extension & Prone Curl Machine
Man doing leg extensions on leg extension machine
Man doing hamstring curls on prone leg curl machine
Body Iron Leg Extension & Prone Curl Machine
Body Iron Leg Extension & Prone Curl Machine
Body Iron Leg Extension & Prone Curl Machine
Body Iron Leg Extension & Prone Curl Machine
Body Iron Leg Extension & Prone Curl Machine
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Body Iron Leg Extension & Prone Curl Machine

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Your leg days just are about to get a whole let better with the Body Iron Leg Extension & Prone Curl Machine. The ultimate lower body strength machine for hitting your quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes.

Featuring a comfortable, high-density foam back pad with pop-pin adjustment, transferring between exercises is effortless with this leg extension and leg curl machine. You can also use the sun-dials on the dual leg stabilisers to manoeuvre this machine into a position that suits your height and limb length.

By offering several adjustment settings the Body Iron Leg Extension & Prone Curl Machine guarantees suitably for all users, ensuring that optimal positioning can be achieved to support the correct exercise technique. 

This lower body machine also includes two pairs of support handles, one pair on either side of the seat and the other behind the back pad to ensure maximum safety and support whilst you train. 

Now, let's skip to the good part... If you're on a mission to grow your quads, then you NEED to be incorporating the leg extension into your program. This exercise is undoubtedly the most effective for isolating your four quadriceps at the same time. 

The leg extension is a great exercise from building strength and muscle mass in your thighs, yet is also an excellent method of rehabbing knee injuries and improving joint mobility. 

In contrast, your prone leg curl is what's going to strengthen your hamstrings and glutes. 

By offering a method of targeting all three of the major muscle groups in your lower body, the Body Iron Leg Extension & Prone Curl Machine gives you all the ingredients for delicious leg day!

And just when you thought this lower body machine couldn't get any better, you discover it is fully compatible with any Olympic weight plates!

Its heavy duty steel construction increases its safety and allows it to withstand any punishment you give it! The cool matte black powder coating finish looks slick and will blend nicely into your gym space.

For an all encompassing leg session, you have everything you need. Look no further.



      Product Weight:  45kg

      Maximum Weight Plate Capacity: 136kg.

      Maximum User Weight Capacity: 136kg.



      Approximate Assembled Dimensions: 139.7cm (L) X 68.58cm (W) X 121.92cm (H).

      Sleeve Length:  25cm

      Sleeve Diameter: 50mm, compatible with Olympic weight plates.

      Material: Steel.

      Finish: Matte black powder coated finish.



      Box 1 - 100cm (L) X 77cm (W) X 22cm (H) - 37kg.

      Box 2 - 75cm (L) X 50cm (W) X12cm (H) - 8kg.

      • MULTI-PURPOSE: by allowing for multiple exercises you'll be able to target all areas of your legs to achieve an effective lower-body routine.

      • FULLY ADJUSTABLE: you can easily adjust the leg stabilisers at the front of the machine. The sun dial and pop-pin also make for effortless adjustment of the back pad.

      • PICK YOUR WEIGHT: compatible with any Olympic weight plates you can load up the weight plate peg on the left hand side to suit your training needs.

      • SUPPORT HANDLES: On either side of the seat and on the rear side of the back pad are two sets of smooth handles you can grab to help keep you safe and supported during your workout. 

      • THICK FOAM UPHOLSTERY: the seat and back pad are made from a firm yet comfortable foam, covered in a sleek black vinyl that is easy to clean and resistant to wear and tear. 

      • STRONG STEEL FRAME: made from a heavy-duty steel and covered in a matte black powder coated finish, this strength machine was made to withstand some heavy leg days!

      Frame - 12 months.

      Upholstery - 3 months.