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Body Iron Compact Leg Press & Calf Raise Machine
Body Iron Compact Leg Press & Calf Raise Machine
Body Iron Compact Leg Press & Calf Raise Machine
Body Iron Compact Leg Press & Calf Raise Machine
Body Iron Compact Leg Press & Calf Raise Machine
Body Iron Compact Leg Press & Calf Raise Machine
Body Iron Compact Leg Press & Calf Raise Machine
Body Iron Compact Leg Press & Calf Raise Machine
Body Iron Compact Leg Press & Calf Raise Machine
Body Iron Compact Leg Press & Calf Raise Machine
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Body Iron Compact Leg Press & Calf Raise Machine

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There's no greater sweat session than a solid leg day, and they just got a whole lot better with this dual-purpose Body Iron Compact Leg Press and Calf Raise Machine. Combining two of the all-time greatest leg exercises, you'll be able to target the glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves in order to develop lower body strength, mass muscle and definition.

Featuring an adjustable, thick foam padded seat, this machine offers maximum support and comfortability whilst lifting those heavy loads. It also includes two smooth, easy-grip handles on either side of the seat for extra support and stability.

The oversized footplate has multiple ridges to prevent your feet from shifting or slipping whilst you train. The oversized design also offers greater exercise variety, as altering your foot placement will help you target different areas of your legs. For example, a wider (or sumo stance) placed at the top of the footplate will predominately work the glutes and hamstrings, whilst a narrower stance positioned towards the bottom of the plate will mostly work the quads.

This gives a unique leg press experience, as you're able to take complete control over whether your range of motion is predominately from your hip flexion and extension movements, or from knee flexion and extension.

The calf raise beam is extremely easy to move on and off the machine. Just use the pop-pin mechanism at the bottom of the footplate to glide it up, down, on or off. By incorporating this feature into the design, growing those stubborn, hard to hit calves has never been easier.

By offering such effortless variety, it's time to say goodbye to those chicken legs and hello quadzilla!


    Product Weight: 89kg.

    Weight Capacity: 450kg total (225kg on each sleeve).



    Assembled Dimensions: 160cm (L) X 140cm (W) X 170cm (H).

    Sleeve Length: 31cm total, but weight plates will only fit on 28cm.

    Sleeve Diameter: 50mm, compatible with Olympic weight plates.

    Material: Steel.

    Finish: Matte black powder coated finish.



    Box 1:

    Weight -  43.6kg

    Size -  166cm (L) X 36cm (W) X 21cm (H)

    Box 2:

    Weight - 55.75kg

    Size - 84cm (L) X 62cm (W) X 25cm (H)

    • 2-in-1: this strength machine is extremely effective for targeting all the muscles in your lower body, including those pesky, hard to hit calves, by offering combining multiple exercise options into a single, compact machine.

    • Adjustable: offering 3-ways of adjustment, this Body Iron machine is compatible with all desired users. There are dials on the back of the seat, bottom of the foot plate & on the calf raise beam that can be easily moved into a position that is supportive and comfortable, whilst encouraging the correct technique. The calf raise beam can also be removed for when you are performing leg presses.

    • Pick Your Weight: compatible with any Olympic weight plates, you can load up the weight plate pegs on either side of the seat to suit your desired training intensity.

    • Thick Foam Upholstery: the seat is made from a thick, comfortable foam, covered in a smooth, matte black vinyl that is easy to clean and highly resistant to wear and tear. 

    • Steel Frame: made from a heavy-duty steel and covered in a matte black powder coated finish, this machine was made to withstand some heavy leg sessions!
    benefits of leg press and calf raise machine

    Safety always comes first, so before you begin loading up the weight plates make sure the safety pin in front of the seat is secured into a position that offers your desired range of motion. Then, adjust the back pad to match your height, and ensure the safety mechanism (large handle on the right hand side of the seat) is secured. 


    Once you've checked over these three things, load up the weight plates on either side of the seat and jump on. Begin in a standing / upright position. Press the soles of your feet firmly into the foot pad and release the safety mechanism. Once unlocked, grab the handles on either side of the seat and begin to glide down in a squatting position. Once you've reached your full range of motion, stand back up and repeat.


    Insert the calf raise beam. Place your toes on top, grab the handles and repeat the above steps. You won't be able to reach full range of motion, however once you feel the tension in your calves stand back into an upright position.

    Leg press foot placement variations

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