5 Leg Press Variations

The ol' faithful leg press. One of the most powerful leg movements there is, and a definite fav of the World Fitness team. We love this exercise for two main reasons;

1) it allows you to work multiple muscles simultaneously (I'm sure we don't need to remind you about how much we froth a compound exercise); and

2) it's generally one our of heaviest lifts (and what's better than feeling like Arnie after a big leg session?).

Seriously though, this powerhouse machine is UNREAL for building lower body strength and size, as well as reshaping and sculpting your legs. To boast up this beast even more, a quick change of the feet and you're able to target any muscle group you desire! How good is that!?

So, whether you're looking to build some quadzilla's or grow booty like Kimmy K, the leg press will get you there! and here's how.


1. Standard foot placement

standard leg press

Taking it back to the basics, place your feet in the centre of the foot plate, shoulder / hip width apart and your toes slightly turned out. This variation is your standard leg press, an awesome exercise for working the quads, hamstrings and glutes simultaneously.

Hot tipwe recommend using this foot placement if you're looking full leg development. 

2. Wide foot placement

wide leg press

Put your feet in a sumo position, toes slightly turned out and towards the middle edges of the foot plate. This wider stance mimics a sumo squat and will predominately work your inner quads, inner hammies and your abductors.

Hot tip: keep your core tight and make sure your lower back is straight.

3. Narrow foot placement

narrow leg press

Shift your feet back to the centre of the footplate, toes slightly turned out, with your knee's and feet aligned. The narrower the foot placement, the more emphasis placed on the outer thighs.

Hot tip: the lower you place your feet on the plate, the even more quad dominated this exercise becomes. So, if you're looking to grow some thick thighs, low and narrow is the way to go.

4. Low foot placement

low leg press

As we mentioned above, the lower your feet, the more you're putting the quads through their paces!

Hot tipA low leg press is a great alternative for squats, but be sure to strip back the weight if you're experiencing any knee pain or discomfort, or if you have any knee mobility issues. 

5. High foot placement

high leg press

Raise your feet to activate the hamstrings and glutes. The higher your feet are on the foot plate, you will alleviate the tension from your quads.

Hot tipA high leg press can be substituted for RDL's, as it predominately works the muscles in the back of your thighs and butt.

Let us know if you try these leg press variations during your next lower body sesh! And as always, reach out to our expert team for anymore tips and tricks! 

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