Body Iron Leverage Abdominal Bench Pro
Abdominal crunch attachment for Body Iron Leverage Abdominal Bench Pro
Cable attachment hook on abdominal bench
weight plate peg attached to ab bench
weight plate peg on Body Iron Leverage Abdominal Bench Pro
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Body Iron Leverage Abdominal Bench Pro

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Experience a core workout like no other with the Body Iron Leverage Abdominal Bench Pro. 

Specially designed with a curved back pad, this ab bench provides an intense abdominal contraction that allows you to target your core more effectively. This is because the curved cushion offers a full range of motion for high intensity training. It is also constructed with density foam upholstery that is as comfortable as it is durable.

The Body Iron Leverage Abdominal Bench Pro as also been built with a ball-bearing pulley. Not only does this pulley system allow complete freedom of movement, enabling you to target all areas of the core (abs, obliques and erector spinae), but it also lets you add Olympic OR standard weight plates for added resistance. 

To make this ab machine complete, the Leverage Abdominal Bench Pro is finished in a sleek black vinyl that is easy to clean and highly resistant to wear and tear. 

Please note: weight plates are NOT included.


Maximum Weight Capacity: 

Bench - 140kg.

Ab Pulley - 100kg.


Frame - Steel.

Upholstery - Foam cushion with vinyl cover.



1 X Abdominal crunch strap. 



Box 1: 152cm (L) X 31cm (W) X 17cm (H) - 12.5kg.

Box 2: 69cm (L) X 35cm (W) X 19cm (H) - 5.5kg.

90 days upholstery. 12 months parts and frame.

1. To change the weight plates you will need to release the nut and bolt and thread the weight plate(s) onto the horn. This will require two adjustable spanners and a socket set.
    2. Once desired amount of weight is on, tighten up the nut securely.
      3. Once tight you can perform unlimited sets without having to adjust until you change the weight.