Black and chrome Olympic swiss barbell
Knurl on black Olympic swiss bar
Gold ring in centre of Body Iron Olympic Swiss Bar
Body Iron Olympic Cambered Swiss Bar
Olympic weight plate sleeve on Swiss barbell
Man grasping onto centre handles of Olympic swiss barbell
Man performing bent over row with Olympic Swiss barbell
Male performing bent of row with Body Iron Cambered Swiss bar
Close up of knurl on of Cambered swiss bar
Man doing bench press with camebered swiss bar
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Body Iron Olympic Cambered Swiss Bar

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Offering three alternate hand positions, the Body Iron Olympic Cambered Swiss Bar can be used for multiple variations of neutral-grip exercises such as presses, curls and rows. 

Many athletes prefer using a neutral grip Swiss bar when training as it relieves pressure from our shoulders and wrists, encouraging the correct technique. Not only does this lower our risk of injury, but it also ensures we are powering these exercises through the correct muscles to help accelerate your gains. 

The cambered grid along with the neutral grip will accelerate your bench press gains. This is because the elevated handles allow you to achieve a much deeper range of motion, helping you to recruit more muscles for enhanced strength and muscle growth. 

Compatible with Olympic weight plates, this football bar has a 35cm loadable sleeve length and a 300kg weight capacity for optimal upper body training. However, this isn't what makes it uniquely special.

The Body Iron Olympic Swiss Bar can also double as a cable machine attachment. Using the removable eyelet on the top of the bar you can secure it to any cable machine for even more variety. Some cable exercises you can perform with the Swiss bar include; lat pull downs, seated rows and upright rows.


    Product Weight: 18kg.

    Maximum Weight Capacity: 300kg.



    Approximate Dimensions: 202cm (L) X 25cm (W) X 16.5cm (H).

    Sleeve Diameter: 50mm - compatible with Olympic weight plates.

    Loadable Sleeve Length: 35cm. 

    Handle Length: 20cm.

    Body Iron Olympic Cambered Swiss Bar



    Materials: Steel.

    Finish: Black powder coated paint.

    Knurl: Shallow. 



    Box 1: 18cm (L) X 31cm (W) X 101cm (H).

    • TRICEP ACTIVATION: By using a neutral grip we not only alleviate the tension from our shoulders, but it also helps to activate the triceps. This muscle group is often difficult to isolate, however, the narrow grip on a Swiss bar naturally causes the elbows to stay close to the body, requiring more use of your triceps to push through the movement.

    • POWDER COATED FINISH: Offering a sleek design that will blend seamlessly into any gym. It is also highly durable, protecting your equipment from marks and blemishes.

    • ELEVATED HANDLES: Allows you to go deeper on your bench press for a full range of motion. 

    12 months.