Body Iron Olympic Commercial Coated Weight Plate 1.25 kg (Pack Of 4 Singles) (Pre Order ETA October 20th-30th)

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If you’re searching for inexpensive weight plates that are highly resistant to wear and tear, then these Body Iron Olympic tri-grip plates are the ideal option for you.

Designed for home or commercial gym use, these weight plates are made from a thick, durable rubber that protects your gym and equipment from any damage. The premium coating will leave minimal residue or marks if accidentally dropped, ensuring that they will last years in the gym!

With a 51mm diameter hole, these plates are compatible with any Olympic barbell. The multi-position handles make it easier to manoeuvre on and off the bar, so you can spend more time exercising and less time fiddling around with equipment.

The inside of each handle has also been built with finger ridges, allowing you to comfortably, yet firmly, grip these plates whilst performing a wide range of exercises, including standing oblique side bends, walking lunges and upright rows.

**Please note, these weight plates are NOT designed for dropping**

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  • Steel Ring: all our Body Iron Olympic weight plates have a heavily reinforced steel ring at the centre that protects both your barbell and weight plates from wear and tear. It also stops the rubber from wearing down which increases their longevity.

  • Handles: the easy-to-grip handles offer exercise flexibility, by increasing the number of exercises you can perform using these weight plates. 

Dimensions: 16cm (L) X 16cm (W) X 3cm (H).

Product Weight: 1.25kg (1.25kg for 4). 

Shipping Weight: 5kg.

Shipping Dimensions: 19cm (L) X 19cm (W) X 3.5cm (H).


Finish: coarse (grooved) rubber with indented handles.

    3 months manufacturers warranty.

    Normal wear & tear not covered.