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Body Iron Pec Dec & Rear Delt Machine

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Get an unbelievable upper body workout with the Body Iron Plate Loaded Pec Machine. The machine allows for a range of motion adjustments to give all users a full, deep stretch, while uniquely designed articulating pec arms provide optimal pectoral and rear deltoid development.

The machine's high weight capacity and low profile design ensures excellent balance and control. Body Iron Plate Loaded Pec / Rear Delt Machine is two machines in one and both give you an unrestricted full range of motion.

Dual overhead variable resistance cams allow each arm to operate independently, thus providing unilateral and bilateral Chest, Back, and Shoulder conditioning. Independent range of motion adjustments provide all users with a deep, full stretch.

Uniquely designed articulating Pec Arms provided optimal Pectoral and Rear Deltoid development. High weight capacity and low profile design provide excellent balance and control when pushing to the limit.

Ideal for home and Lite commercial use.

2" x 2" steel frame

Durable, extra-thick seat and back pads

Fully adjustable to accommodate any size user

Articulating arms for unilateral and bilateral chest

Dimensions: 65" H x 32" L x 28" W

Standard Plate Hole

Optional Olympic Sleeves Available

Weight plates not included

90 Days Upholstery 12 Month Parts Warranty Frame

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