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Body Iron Platinum Incline Bent Over Row Commercial

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The Body Iron Platinum Incline Bent Over Row Commercial is rated at 300Kg Smooth Movement for the perfect back exercise.

Precise positioning of the movement arm pivot and handles places the user in the perfect position to effectively work major muscles of the upper back in the most effective manner.

The chest pad provides upper body stability and comfort, enhancing the effective load challenging the back muscles.

The weight carriage is designed for smooth friction-free movement. In order to carry the heaviest loads, the mainframe is constructed of 3mm steel, making the Body-Iron Commercial Incline Level Row perfect for high traffic gyms and studios. Includes multi-grip options, for any position grip.

Maximum User Weight: 300kg

Easy to use

Multi-grip option

Approximate Dimensions: 79cm x185cmx119cm

Commercial Steel Tube 100*50 3mm, 50*50*3MM

Product Weight 70kg

Heavy-duty steel construction.

Commercial or Home Use

Shipped in a 45cm*79cm*110cm crate

90 Days Upholstery

12 Month Parts Warranty Frame