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Body Iron S1 Squat & Half Rack
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 lat pull down and low row squat rack attachment
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Body Iron S1 Squat & Half Rack

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Looking to deck out your home gym with a high-quality squat rack that doesn’t break the bank? Then look no further than our very own Body Iron S1 Squat & Half rack. Equipped with heavy-duty safety hooks, a built-in chin up bar and a range of optional attachments, this rack will take your weight training to the next level.

Compatible with any standard or Olympic 7ft barbell, the Body Iron S1 is excellent for assisting with a wide range of lower and upper body exercises, including presses, squats and calf raises.

The adjustable safety hooks are an important feature of this squat rack, as they allow you to move the barbell into the correct position for you. By doing so, you’ll be able to lift heavier loads whilst also reducing your risk of injury. This is extremely important during weight training, as performing exercises with the correct form will help you activate the right muscles so that you can achieve a well defined and sculpted physique.

The machine is fully compatible with any 7ft Olympic barbell, and with its 15 position holes, it is fully adjustable, making it a very versatile piece of kit that can suit many training requirements. It's heavy-duty 50mm steel construction increases its safety and allows it to withstand any punishment you give it! Its naturally wider frame gives it extra stability, not to mention the extra space to do your thing. The cool matte black powder coating finish looks slick and will blend nicely into any gym environment, as well as being highly resistent to scratches and dings. Although scratches and wear and tear aren't covered, you do get 12 months warranty on both the parts and the frame, so you're in good hands. For an all encompassing leg session, you have everything you need. Look no further.

Please note: to purchase optional extras, please refer to the specifications tab.



Product Weight: 45kg

Maximum Rackable Weight: 250kg.

Whole Rack Capacity: 250kg.



Material:  2 inch steel.

Finish: black powder coated finish.

Tube Size: 50mm x 50mm.

Hardware Size: 10mm. 


Body Iron S1 Squat Rack dimensions


 2 x built in rear standard weight plate holders (28mm – 30mm diameter holes).

2 x 8cm adjustable safety spotter hooks.

2 x 30cm adjustable safety spotter hooks.



Adjustable Dip Attachment (50mm – 50mm) - $99

Body Iron S1 Lat/Row Attachment - $269

Body Iron S1 Olympic Sleeve Attachment Pair - $30

** Optional extras are not included ** 



Box 1: 207cm (L) X 23cm (W) X 7cm (H) -  20kg

Box 2: 118cm (L) X 36cm (W) X 13cm (H) -  25kg 

 **Please note, some orders will be delivered on a pallet or skid due to the size & quantity of boxes being delivered, for easy and cost effective shipping**

benefits of Body Iron S1 Squat & Half Rack
  • ADJUSTABLE: 15 position holes for natural lifting use. This also reduces the strain that you may experience whilst lifting heavy weights straight from the ground. 

  • COMPATIBILITY: can be used with any 7ft Olympic or standard barbell.

  • SAFE AND SUPPORTIVE: specifically designed with a wide frame, large interior and reinforcement plates for the greatest level of stability. 

  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION: built with thick 2” (50mm) steel, covered in a strong powder coated finish which is resistant to wear and tear.

Please note: it is recommended only straight pull ups are performed with this squat rack in order to counterbalance the weight and to keep the rack stable. 

12 months warranty on parts & frame. 

General wear and tear not covered.