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Bodycraft Single Padded Handle Strap Cable Attachment

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The Bodycraft Single Padded Handle Strap Cable Attachment is a strong, versatile attachment for your cable exercises. Compatible with any cable pulley or functional trainer, this adjustable handle includes 5 welded D-Rings to suit your needs. Each D-ring is located 6.35cm apart, allowing for various attachment lengths suited to the exercise you are performing.

Constructed from heavy-duty nylon belting, this cable attachment is capable of withstanding heavy weights, ideal for strength and conditioning training. The high-density rubber grips prevent the handle from slipping out of your hands, negating the risk of injury. This is especially important for when you are performing single limb exercises, as your other hand isn't available to stabilise the cable. 

Using cable attachments like the Bodycraft Single Padded Handle Strap is great for single limb exercises. They offer a solid resistance, while still being safe and easy to use.

Although sold individually, this single handle attachment can also be used in pairs. Exercises such as cable chest flies and seat lat pull downs are effective exercises for targeting your upper body, helping you to build strength and grow muscle. 

A few other exercises we love to perform with the Bodycraft Single Padded Handle Strap Cable Attachment include: 

• Cable rows.

• Tricep kickbacks.

• Bicep curls.

• Cable squats.

• Leaning shoulder raises.

• Calf raises.

• Woodchucks. 

• Overhead cable curls. 

• Overhead tricep extensions.

3 months. General wear and tear not covered under warranty.