Calf Block Platform
Body Iron Calf Block Platform
Birds eye view of calf block platform
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Body Iron Calf Block Platform

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The Body Iron Calf Block Platform is perfect to use at the gym to accompany your workouts as well as being safe and convenient to use at home. The calf block is used mainly for strengthening your calf muscles either as a regular workout, or also as rehabilitation. Varying the intensity of your workouts will shift the focus between building muscle or simply maintaining and strengthening your calves. 

Featuring a heavy-duty steel construction to ensure longevity and the sand texture powder coating ensures it is sturdy enough to withstand rigorous workouts. The anti-slip foot caps also ensure the platform stays put wherever it’s placed and reduces the risk of injury as you complete your exercises.

This calf block platform is perfect for all user heights and ensures the muscle can be targeted from different angles at a fixed height. You can use the block on its own with just your bodyweight, or increase the intensity and give your legs a whole new workout experience by using them with dumbbells or under a smith machine to maximise the load.

Not only is the calf block perfect for targeting and isolating your calf muscles, it can also be used to elevate your heels to add a squatting variation and also be used to position your feet when performing a bench press.

    • DIMENSIONS: L x W x H - 59cm x 47cm x 11cm
    • MATERIAL: steel
    • COLOUR: black


    • SUITABLE FOR ALL USERS - perfect for all user heights
    • ANTI SLIP FOOT CAPS - ensures the platform doesn’t move around while it’s in use in order to prevent chances of injury
    • ANTI SLIP SURFACE - sand texture powder coating to ensure adequate footing when exercising
    • COMPACT - can be stored away on the side without taking up much room
    • VERSATILE - can be paired with other products such as dumbbells or smith machines for a different user experience and added intensity