Commercial Grade Rubber Flooring Mats 1 m x 1 m - 80 Square Meters
Commercial Grade Rubber Flooring Mats 1 m x 1 m - 80 Square Meters
Commercial Grade Rubber Flooring Mats 1 m x 1 m - 80 Square Meters
Commercial Grade Rubber Flooring Mats 1 m x 1 m - 80 Square Meters
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Commercial Grade Rubber Flooring Mats 1 m x 1 m - 80 Square Meters

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There are many variations of gym rubber flooring. Just because the mats look the same doesn't mean the quality is the same as well. There are certain factors that determine the quality of the mate. The first thing to check is the grading of the rubber that is used to make the mats.

All rubber flooring is made with recycled rubber. However, it is the grading of the recycled material that dictates the quality of the rubber. The higher-grade recycled rubber is refined to a point where the pebbles are fine and smooth. All of our mats are made with these higher grade finely refined rubber. If you compare it to a mat made with lower grade rubber, you will notice the pebbles of the rubber are much larger in size and the grains have lots of holes in them. You may not always find this by viewing the mats from the top. You need to turn the mat over and inspect the grain from the bottom. It larger pebbles and rough grain will be visible at the first instance.

Secondly, the thickness of the rubber mats needs to be considered. Commercial rubber flooring is required to be 15 mm thick. 10 mm or 12 mm thick mats are not adequate to withstand the rigors of a commercial gym. The most common consequence of choosing these thinner inferior quality mats is that they tend to rip very easily.

Another factor to consider is the smell of the rubber flooring. All rubber flooring has a smell. Higher grade mats such as ours have a rubber smell but are not very strong. Once aired out, this smell tends to disappear within a few days. If you compare it to the lower grade mats, you will notice an immediate strong chemical smell. If you have a gym that lacks fresh air ventilation, the smell in your gym will be unbearably strong.

The standard commercial rated gym rubber flooring is not 10 or 12 mm. There are plenty of cheaper flooring mats available in the market that use recycled tires with very poor longevity.

Once again, the best way to check the quality and the grading of the rubber is to look at both sides of the mats. Many times, the cheaper quality mats will have a thinner top layer with finer coating, with the bulk of the mat made with inferior lower grade rubber.

  • Suitable for Home and Commercial Rubber Flooring
  • Dimension 1m x 1m x 15mm size
  • No adhesion required to the sub-base due to the heavy individual weight of each tile
  • Non-skid ridged surface
  • High-density Rubber compounds
  • Non-toxic
  • Mats can be easily replaced by the owner or removed with ease and re-installed at a different location if/when necessary.
  • Shock-absorbent - Ideal for high impact uses
  • Stain-resistant
  • Easy installation
  • Available in 15mm thicknesses.

The weight room floors of commercial fitness centers are subject to the weight and vibration of heavy gym equipment and the constant pounding of free weights. This rubber gym mats are made to withstand this abuse day in and day out