Everlast Leather Floor To Ceiling Ball 30cm


$89.00 $139.00


Everlast Leather Floor To Ceiling Ball 30cm

Develop your speed, quick reflexes, and timing with the ideal Everlast Leather Floor To Ceiling Ball. This double end boxing bag features a double end ball design for focused strikes. Find a shock cord, nylon straps, as well as floor and ceiling fixtures included with this punching bag. Made from leather, this double ended punching bag withstand hard strikes and last for a long time. Compatible with speed bag platforms and double-end attachments, this double end boxing bag also includes extended attachment straps with closed loops to avoid glove damage. Find bungee cord included with this bag.


Product features:

  • Welted seams & reinforced lacing for durability.
  • Leather 30cm
  • Height adjustable straps
  • Reinforced Loops for extra strength
  • Premium synthetic leather along with excellent construction provides long lasting durability and functionality.
  • Double end striking bag used primarily for heavy bag workouts and mitt work.

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