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Everlast Powerlock Focus Mitts

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Work on your strength, power, coordination and agility with the Everlast Powerlock Focus Mitts.

Specially designed with a curved surface, these punch mitts were made for high impact training. This is because having a curve in the strike zone helps to absorb your punch, minimising the impact felt by you and your training partner.

To aid with shock absorption even further, the Everlast Powerlock Focus Mitts have been made with a thick, dense foam that provides a firm yet comfortable punching surface. These pads are then finished with a durable vinyl cover that is highly resistant to rips and tears.

If you're not yet sold on the awesomeness of these focus mitts, let us tell you why these are a must have in every boxer's gym.

Focus pads are by far one of the best ways to improve your punching technique, reflexes and footwork. This is because their light-weight design makes it easy for you and your training partner to move around swiftly, allowing for rapid movements that mimic those of a real fight. It's a great to learn how to throw a punch, but also how to dodge one.

Aside from the killer sweat session focus training brings, it's also a great mental workout. This is because punch mitt training focuses on precision and accuracy, which is just as much a mental skill as it is a physical. 

Size: One size fits most.

Colour: Black / Grey


Pad - foam.

Cover - Premium synthetic leather outer ensures durable long-lasting wear

Stitching - Nylon. 

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: Designed to absorp the impact and protect your hands.

  • ANTI-MICROBIAL LINING: Absorbs moisture to maintain freshness.

  • PADDED WRIST SUPPORT: For superior hand safety and comfort. 

  • MESH BACKING: Provides airflow to help keep your hands cool and dry.