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Ez Curl Bar Set

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Please note Bench Not Included

Upper Body Development ✓   Comfortable Grip ✓   User-Friendly for Everyone ✓ 

If you're just starting out with weight training, or if you're a more advanced lifter with a strong focus on developing upper body strength, then this Body Iron Ez Curl Bar Set is the ideal choice for you!

Ez curl bars are designed to reduce the impact we experience in our wrists and elbows during various upper body exercises. This is because the angled handle allow us to secure a more natural grip, adapting to the demands of the exercise. This not only helps beginners learn proper exercise techniques and hand positioning, but it also enables our more advanced athletes to lift heavier loads without compromising their form.

Pair this barbell with the 35kg of Olympic weight plates included in this package and you'll have a whopping 45kg to work with. This is more than enough weight to challenge even our more advanced lifters, helping us to build strength and muscle mass.

And lastly, no barbell package would be complete with some Olympic spring collars. Designed to tightly secure your weight plates to the barbell, you'll have extra peace of mind knowing there will be no unintentional movement whilst you exercise!

  • Build Strength: by allowing for a more natural grip, ez curl bars are the perfect tool for developing your biceps, triceps and pectoral muscles. Chuck on the additional 35kg of weight plates and you have all the tools you need to build your upper body.

  • Exercise Versatility: the Body Iron weight plates can be used with the ez curl bar or on their own. The tri-grip handles allow you to substitute these weight plates as dumbbells for various exercises including (but not limited to) bicep curls, upright rows, walking lunges and oblique side bends. 



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