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Harbinger Big Fat Grips

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The fastest, easiest and cheapest way to add muscle to your upper body is through thick grip training. Big Grip Bar Grips instantly convert any barbell, dumbbell, pull up bar, cable attachment and exercise machine into a thick-handled apparatus allowing you to access all the benefits of thick bars. Thick bars are normal dumbbells or barbells with a large diameter handle. Handles with a diameter over 2 inches are considered thick bars. Benefits include:

• Enhanced Stimulation of the Working Muscles
• Increased Hand, Wrist, Forearm and Grip Strength
• Increased Weight Distribution Across the Body
• Reduced Joint Pressure While Exercising
• Insane Pump in Arms and Forearms
• Increased Hand Hygiene and Prevent Calluses
• Saves You Years of Wasted Effort