Harbinger Heavy Duty 3 Inch Ankle Cuff Attachment
Harbinger Heavy Duty 3 Inch Ankle Cuff Attachment opened and flat
Male ankle wearing ankle cuff cable attahment
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Harbinger Heavy Duty 3 Inch Ankle Cuff Attachment

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The Harbinger 3" Heavy Duty Ankle Cuff is fitted with a wide, durable strap that securely holds your ankle when working out. The strap has been designed to hold the tension in your leg, ensuring that it doesn't stretch or loosen as you train. Featuring a shearling padding for comfortability, as well as a heavy duty steel D ring which makes this ankle cuff compatible with all cable machines.

This attachment is used by connecting it to a cable machine on one side and wrapped around your ankles on the other. The machines will have an adjustable pulley which has a carabiner attachment on the end. This is what you use to attach your ankle cuff. Make sure the cuff is wrapped securely around your ankle, but not too loose or tight. If it’s put on too tight, this could constrict blood flow as you move, and if it’s too loose, your ankle will move around and increase risk of injury occurring.

The ankle attachment is perfect in providing increased resistance for lower body workouts on the cable machines. While it does help with improving size, strength and definition of your lower body, it also targets your core which is being used in keeping your body stable during the exercises.

Some exercises that you can perform with these ankle cuffs include leg raises, hip abductors, kickbacks and leg extensions. The use of this accessory will help to target and tone the major muscle groups in your lower body.


Unravelled - 50cm (L) X 7.5cm (W). 

Velcro secured - 15cm (L) X 7.5cm (W) X 8cm (H).

Materials: Synthetic shearling padding. 

  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST: The wide strap and adjustable velcro strap ensures this ankle cuff will fit most users.

  • ULTIMATE COMFORT: The shearling padding lining on the inside of the cuff offers maximum comfort while you train. 

  • UNIVERSAL USE- Steel D ring is compatible with all cable pulley machines.

  • 7.5cm WIDE DESIGN: Prevents the strap from digging into the ankle during exercises.

3 months. General wear and tear is not covered under warranty.