Nirvana Olympic Barbell 700 lbs Rated
Nirvana Olympic Barbell 700 lbs Rated
Nirvana Olympic Barbell 700 lbs Rated
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Nirvana Olympic Barbell 700 lbs Rated

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Olympic Barbell 700lb

The Nirvana Fitness Olympic Barbells are manufactured with precision bearings, high quality steel and workmanship.  Therefore, these Barbells are built to last! The 700lb (317.5kg) is a perfect addition to any home or commercial gym. If you are looking to push the boundaries of elite lifting, you may wish to consider the heavier rated Olympic Barbell 1000lb (453.5kg) with 4 steel bearings, or the epic 1500lb (680kg) rated barbell with 8 Needle Bearings. At the end of the day, pick the barbell that works for you and the exercises you want to build on. Most importantly, go for quality and it will last you a lifetime!

Why buy an Olympic barbell?

The barbell is a staple of any gym. Without a barbell, you might not consider it a gym. Often the most used pieces of gym equipment in any weight training, power lifting, bodybuilding and weight lifting arena. The barbell is so frequently used that its dimensions have been standardized for competition lifting. You’ll need a barbell if you want to train the three main exercises of lifting, that is the squat, the deadlift and the bench press. A barbell is a metal bar that is able to be loaded with weights. When barbell training, one thing to keep in mind though, is some barbells already come in a pre-made weight and aren’t adjustable.

Key Features of the Olympic Barbell

  • Olympic Sized Barbell
  • 700lb MAX LOAD
  • Sturdy construction for added durability, made with smooth turning ball bearings


  • 2.2m Length
  • 18.5kg Weight
  • 28.7mm Grip Diameter
  • Outer sleeves – 50mm diameter