YBell Medium (M) Single
YBell Medium (M) Single
YBell Medium (M) Single
YBell Medium (M) Single
YBell Medium (M) Single
YBell Medium (M) Single
YBell Medium (M) Single
YBell Medium (M) Single
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YBell Medium (M) Single

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  • 4 in one piece of fitness equipment; kettlebell, dumbbell, double grip med ball, push up stand all in one.
  • Designed by experts in fitness and industrial design.
  • Non slip, non rust neoprene.
  • Ideal for training anywhere.
  • Proven efficient workout.

The Medium YBell (M) is for people who

  • Train a few times a week, use kettlebells or dumbbells and
  • Small build, fit and strong or
  • Medium or larger build with above average strength and fitness
  • Weight: 8 kg, 17.6 lb

Make the change, train smarter and achieve new levels of fitness with the YBell Neo. 

The YBell is a revolutionary new 4-in-1 hybrid weight system where just one will increase your workout efficiency. The innovative design allows you to safely achieve more with less equipment. 
The versatile design can be used as a kettlebell, dumbbell, medicine ball, pushup bar or the unique YBell Grip. Simply change your grip to comfortably change up your workout and unlock new challenges for a full body workout. 
Access to an online introductory YBell workout for beginner, intermediate and advanced users with the YBell inventor and trainer.


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YBell Workouts

Unique YBell workouts designed by the inventor and trainer, Aaron. FREE introductory workouts, with much more once you’ve mastered the basics. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, YBell streamlines your workout.

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