Christmas Gift Ideas - Gifts for all fitness levels!

With Christmas creeping up quickly, we thought we’d pull together a little Christmas gift guide for those friends & family members who you just can’t seem figure out what to buy them!

It goes without saying this year has been quite unusual and many of us have become a little slack when it comes to our health & fitness… and that’s ok!

Whether you're searching for a present for your mum, dad, brother, boyfriend, girlfriend, nan - whoever it may be, we have something for everyone. 

Whether they're fitness fanatics or are looking for a place to start when it comes to improving their health and fitness, then these items could be the perfect Christmas gift this year!

Christmas Gift Ideas

Limited space? Opt for the YBells – RRP starting at $59.99

YBells are perfect for those who have limited space, because they are 4 different pieces of equipment combined into one! These can be incorporated into both strength and cardio based workouts and can be used as a kettlebell, dumbbell, double grip medicine ball and a push up stand!


Always on the go? Try the Basic Bundle (15 pieces) – RRP $120

The Basic Bundle is perfect for those who like to train in different places. Feel like training at the beach today? Bring the bundle along with you. Going on a holiday and want to complete a morning workout in your hotel room? The basic bundle is perfect for you. Wanting to train in your backyard? The basic bundle is ready to go. And the best part? The bundle includes a range of items to complete an array of various full body workouts. The bundle includes a skipping rope, an ab wheel, a set of ab sliders, a set of 2kg D shape dumbbells, a set of 1kg D shape dumbbells, 5 mini resistance bands, a reaction ball and a foam roller.


Know someone who wants to build their strength and tone up? Why not surprise them with a barbell – RRP starting at $89

A barbell is one of the most important pieces for someone looking to improve on their strength and overall athletic performance. A barbell is extremely versatile and popular because of the range of exercises that can be performed with one. Some common exercises include bench press, squats, bicep curls, deadlifts, overhead press, bent over rows and lunges.


Are they looking to improve overall health and fitness? A boxing bag is the way to go – RRP starting at $129

Boxing is one of the most loved forms of exercise due to the long list of health and fitness benefits, as well as the adaptability to all fitness levels. Some of the benefits of incorporating boxing into your workouts include enhanced aerobic fitness, coordination, power, stamina and endurance. It also improves upper body strength, aids in weight loss, enables your body to tone up and can also reduce anxiety and stress.


Do your grandparents struggle with getting out regularly and are looking for an easy way to get fit at home? Then the Bodyworx Duo Purpose Mag Bike is the perfect option - RRP $259

This compact exercise device can be used on the floor in front of a chair or on a table in the comfort of your own home, so you're able to watch tv, read a book or work on your computer whilst completing your workout. Giving your upper and lower body a workout, this bike is great for rehabilitation or people with limited movement!


If you have any questions on any of the suggested products, please do get in touch with the friendly team at World Fitness! If you feel like the above gifts just aren't right for that special someone, give us a call ((03) 9583 7820), send us an email ( or pop in-store (327 Warrigal Rd, Cheltenham, Vic) and we'll be able to put together the perfect gift they'll love!

And remember, we ship Aus-wide!

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