Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad

Father's day gift ideas for dad

With Father’s Day 2021 fast approaching, it’s time to stop procrastinating dad’s gift and finally get him something he’ll love and put to good use! Forget the useless gag gifts that make him laugh for 10 seconds and then it gets shoved in some corner of the house to collect dust. Show him you care with a quality gift that’ll help him improve on his sporting skills or health & fitness goals.

As per usual, you know the WFA team like being as helpful as possible when picking the right gift, so we’ve popped together a few options that could be suitable for all different dads! 

Find the description that seems most fitting to your old man and click on the link to purchase away.

Dad 1: The busy, working dad that still wants his biceps looking heavy when out on the weekend in his Tommy Hilfiger polo.

Gift idea - A set of Hex Dumbbells

Offering some of the greatest exercise flexibility, these weights are an excellent tool for building total body strength, particularly in your arms, shoulders and chest. Dumbbells are extremely versatile and  are particularly useful for building strength and developing muscle mass. Some of our favourite dumbbell exercises you can recommend to your dad include chest press, bicep curls, RDL’s and back rows.

Pick a size you think your dad can handle and let him gradually work his way up from there!

Dad 2: The one who binged Kingdom on Netflix and now thinks he’s ready to jump into the ring

Gift idea - Boxing Bag + a set of Boxing Gloves

Boxing is a popular form of training amongst dads, as it’s fun, effective and will make them feel like a boss, heavyweight champ. A session of boxing can help you improve on cardiovascular health, strength and endurance more effectively than the majority of the workouts available today, so if your dad wants to feel like he’s taking his very own trip down to Navy St, get him started with a free standing boxing bag and Everlast training gloves!

Dad 3: The over protective “you can’t date my daughter” dad

Gift idea - Power Lifting Package

Sorry to the youngsters who want to date the daughter - this Power Lifting Package will have your dad jacked like never before! This is one of our most popular strength sets, and it is guaranteed to smack a big smile on dads face, especially from all the confidence he’ll be building along with those gains.

Dad 4: The Putt Putt Father - AKA the wannabe Tiger Woods dad

Gift idea - A Quickster Chipping Net & a Smash Bag

Help your dad level up his golfing abilities with some new golf training gear! This one will show him that you care about his golfing hobby, without having to listen to him babble on about how he ALMOST scored a hole in one last weekend. These off course training assets will have his golf buddies in awe, and once they see how much his new SKLZ golf training products have improved his skills, their jaws are guaranteed to drop!


Dad 5: The one who always says he wants to lose weight, but you catch him smashing a cheeky tub of ice cream after dinner

Gift idea - A Spin Bike

A spin bike is a great way to burn some hot and heavy cals quite quickly! In fact, it’s a pretty bad-ass cardio workout for dad to do. We mean he can watch his fav tv show for 60 minutes whilst cycling AND burn an average of 600 cals while doing so! It’s going to get him fitter and faster, while hopefully taking his mind off that ice cream tub!

Dad 6: The tradie dad that works his ass off, lifts “heavy stuff” all day but has nothing to show for it

Gift idea - The Bulk Pack

Lifting heavy things is the first step to putting on muscle mass, but if your dad isn’t getting the right protein and nutrients he needs, then for sure he’ll be getting frustrated as to why he’s not putting on muscle and instead always complaining about how he’s body is just so sore all the time! This pack is jam packed full of crucial nutrients needed for muscle growth and recovery, including deliciously flavoured protein powder, so he can fuel those muscles and not let all that hard work go to waste!

If you find that your dad is a very unique, one-of-a-kind kinda man, feel free to get in touch with our team and we’ll help you tee up the perfect Father’s Day gift that’ll he’ll love and get good use out of!

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