How can life coaching help you to achieve your fitness goals?

Hiring a life coach might not be your first thought when it comes to hitting your fitness goals. Whether you’re training for a specific event, or just to get fitter generally, you’re likely to consider hiring a personal trainer before you hire a life coach. 

However, working with both of these professionals simultaneously can be a powerful combination. After all, both of these coaches aim to help you achieve your goals and to feel better physically and mentally. This is an especially powerful team to have in your corner if you’re someone who struggles with motivation or finds it difficult to hold yourself accountable.

Here, we take a look at why.


A life coach is someone who is professionally trained to help you decide your goals, set targets, and measure progress. If you’re struggling to get yourself to the gym or to head out for a run, then it can be worth working with a life coach to look at any underlying reasons that might be stopping you, and establish how you can motivate yourself, even when it’s hard. They can help you tackle limiting self-beliefs, and empower you to rediscover your own strength.


If you’re a person who needs to be held accountable for their actions in order to achieve success, having both a life coach and a personal trainer can be really helpful. Whether you need to know that you’re already committed to a session in order to actually attend, or you need to have someone ask you how your goals are going in order for you to work on them, accountability is a key part of coaching.

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Starting to cool off on your goals or reducing the amount of work you’re doing on them in your own time are the first warning signs of avoidance. Whilst sometimes there can be a genuine reason for this, like a sudden life change that directs your time and attention elsewhere, often avoidance can be a sign that you are disheartened with your progress and so, are starting to avoid putting the effort in. 

A life coach can help you unpick your feelings around this, and examine any underlying reasons that you’re pulling away from progress. They can also help you amend your plan, to allow you to take smaller steps around your other commitments. If needed, they can also help you realise how much time you actually have in a day, and can teach you how to take back control of your schedule – perhaps you think you don’t have time for a workout, but actually you’re spending an hour a day staring at social media.


Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations

For some people, exercise is an all or nothing type of commitment. Whilst it’s important to exercise, it’s also important not to let it take over your whole life and become unhealthy. If you know you have a tendency towards obsession, working with a life coach as well as a personal trainer can mean that you retain a sense of balance between exercise and your other commitments. They can also help with examining why you’re developing this compulsion to exercise, and work through this with you to promote healthy habits. 

If you're ready to start making improvements to your life, whether that's by investing in some quality fitness equipment or working with a life coach, now is the perfect time to get started!

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