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Bodyworx Vinyl Dumbbell 4 kg Dark Blue (2 Qty)

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These Bodyworx vinyl dumbbells are lighter in weight and are fantastic for taking your workouts up a notch! Whether you’re walking, completing a circuit class, smashing out some HIIT or enjoying some light strength training, these dumbbells are a great way to add some extra intensity to workouts, so that you can reach your goals faster!

2 x dumbbells included.

    Dimensions: 20cm (L) X 9.5cm (W) X 9.5cm (H).

    Product Weight: 4kg (8kg for pair).

    Handle Length: 10.5cm.

    Knurl: none.

    Shaft Finish: Vinyl.

    Shaft Diameter: 4.5cm.

    Sleeve Rotation: none.

    • Vinyl covering: the brightly covered vinyl protects the dumbbell from rust. It also provides a smooth and comfortable surface for you to grip whilst you’re working out.

    • Exercise Versatility: these lightweight dumbbells can be used in a range of cardio, strength and functional training sessions. Some of our favourite dumbbell exercises include bicep curls, RDL’s, shoulder press and triceps kickbacks.

    12 Months Manufacturer's Warranty.

    Wear and Tear not covered.

    Damage due to dropping not covered.