Nirvana Alloy Barbell Collars (Blue)
Nirvana Alloy Barbell Collars (Blue)
Nirvana Alloy Barbell Collars (Blue)
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Nirvana Alloy Barbell Collars (Blue)

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These premium Alloy Barbell Collars, perfect for securing your weight plates onto your barbells to ensure safe exercises. 

Firstly, these collars are compatible with any standard 50mm Olympic barbell sleeve, each collar measures 8.8cms in diameter and 3.80cm thick. Furthermore, included is a lock/unlock lever for a secure hold. But to make things even better it has a rubber inner lining to ensure secureness.

  • Sold in pairs
  • Suitable for Olympic Bars only (50mm)
  • Black Rubber interior lining to protect bar and collars
  • Locking clamp mechanism for secure hold
  • Available in Blue
  • Nirvana branding


  • 8.8cms in diameter
  • 5cm inner diameter
  • 3.80cm thick

Please note, we recommend training without barbell collars  if you do not have a spotter for your bench press. This is because if you get stuck, or you put a bit too much weight on the bar you can tilt the barbell sideways to slide the weights off.


Currently these are not sold as “Magnetised Collars” due to the magnet lifespan in recent batches being shorter than usual; magnets can be reapplied with super-glue in the event they are unattached from the collar.

  • 50mm DIAMETER: These collars are compatible with any Olympic-sized barbell.

  • FAST LOCKING ACTION: Tightly secures these snap collars are the barbell shaft to hold weight plates in place.