Aluminium Barbell Collars (Silver)
How to open and close barbell collars
Aluminium Barbell Collars (Silver)
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Aluminium Barbell Collars (Silver)

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Lifting without Aluminium Barbell Collars is dangerous. You set up for a lift and put your plates in place. You’re confident that you can keep the bar stable enough so the plates don’t slide off. But little do you realise that the plates slide a few inches with each rep. On your last rep, the bar tilts ever so slightly, causing one or more plates to completely slide off. The heavy side then violently launches downward and the plates slide off that side as well. At minimum this causes a loud bang and elicits stares from other people in the gym. Worse, you or someone around you gets seriously injured. This is especially problematic in big boxing gyms, which often purchase cheap barbells that are abused. Many of these bars are slightly bent, which makes it even more likely that the plates will gradually slide off. Even if you’re lifting a light load, things can go awry. Maybe your form isn’t on point and one side of the bar goes up faster than the other.

  • Aluminous Collars
  • Easy to lock-in
  • Rubber inner ring to lock tightly
  • Dull polished
  • Lightweight
  • Standard size for Olympic bar size
  • Available in Silver

Please note, we recommend training without barbell collars  if you do not have a spotter for your bench press. This is because if you get stuck, or you put a bit too much weight on the bar you can tilt the barbell sideways to slide the weights off.

  • 50mm DIAMETER: These collars are compatible with any Olympic-sized barbell.

  • FAST LOCKING ACTION: Tightly secures these snap collars are the barbell shaft to hold weight plates in place.