Black 4kg Kettlebell with white writing
Yellow 4kg kettlebell with white writing
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Brunette female using black kettlebells for guerrilla rows
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Body Iron 4kg Kettlebell

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The Body Iron 4kg Kettlebell is the perfect product to take your workouts to the next level, enhancing your gains in athletic endurance, speed and strength. This kettlebell is sold individually with a choice of 2 colours, yellow and black. The weight is stamped onto the front and back of the kettlebell to allow for easy identification.

Featuring a flat bottom for stability, and a wide smooth handle for a sturdy grip, this is the ultimate exercise tool. Body Iron have also coated their kettlebells in a durable neoprene that helps to protect your equipment and flooring.

Kettlebells are a must have in any home or commercial gym. They allow for a huge variety of movements, for both explosive and recovery training. Kettlebells have the unique ability to work all the major muscle groups in unison, or to help you with single limb training. Engaging in full body exercises allow for multi-joint movement, which is a great way to burn a high number of calories, as well as improve intramuscular coordination. In comparison, single arm or single leg training allows you to isolate a specific muscle group, which helps to achieve greater muscle symmetry and strength.

When it comes to explosive training, some examples of exercises that can be performed include (but are not limited to) kettlebell swings, snatches and squats. These same movements can be performed at higher reps and lower sets to accommodate for endurance training. 

For recovery training exercises should be performed in-between or after sets to increase mobility. Some examples of mobility exercises include kettlebell halos and kettlebell figure 8's. 

Another reason why kettlebells are a gym non-negotiable is because of their relevance in functional training. Functional training involves exercises that incorporate movements mimicked in everyday life. Kettlebells are ideal for functional training as they imitate regular movements such as holding a bag or pushing open a door.

Each kettlebell comes with 12 months warranty, making it a no brainer to buy now!

Product Weight: 4kg. 

Material: Iron. 

Finish: Neoprene. 

Colour: Black and yellow. 

  • BUILT TO LAST: Made with high quality iron and neoprene for long lasting durability.

  • FLAT BOTTOM: Perfect for stability, so your kettlebell can be placed and stored anywhere.

  • QUIET AND PROTECTIVE: Coated with neoprene, this helps to reduce noise and protect your floors if it were to be dropped.

  • WIDE AND SMOOTH HANDLE: Allows for better grip during your workouts.

  • WEIGHT IDENTIFICATION: Weight imprinted on the surface of the kettlebell to allow for easy identification.

  • 2 COLOUR VARIATIONS: available for purchase in a yellow and black variant.

  • ADAPTABLE: Can be used with other equipment such as workout benches and dip belts.

12 months.