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Elite PT Pack
Lat pull down and low row machine
Cable machine attachments
Black adjustable gym bench with wheels
female doing pull ups on functional trainer
female doing chest flies on functional trainer
female doing squats on smith machine functional trainer
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Elite PT Pack

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What's included

Taking the Ultimate Functional Trainer package to new heights, this gym bundle has been created specifically for personal trainers looking to deck our their dream gym space without breaking the bank.

Featuring fan favourite FT750 Functional trainer, you'll be able to write up entire programs using this beast alone. Designed to facilitate a wide range of both strength and functional movements, this epic machine can be used to perform all your major compound movements as well as isolated exercises that help target specific muscle groups. 

The smith machine is a great way for beginner lifters to learn barbell movements without the weight of an Olympic bar, plus with the extra security of the safety catchers, making it user friendly for everyone!

The Body Iron adjustable bench is compatible with the functional trainer system, or can be used on its on with your barbell and bumper plates. The 7 incline levels allow for decline, flat and incline positioning's, which are great for targeting your upper body, especially your pecs, tris and bis.

To help ensure you and you're clients are hitting each and every muscle in, we've also included the Body Iron lat pull down and row machine. These exercises are amazing for hitting your lats and rear delts in order to strengthen your back and shoulders.

  • FUNCTIONAL TRAINER: A type of exercise that helps us perform everyday movements with more efficiency, including; push, pull, hinge, squat, lunge, and rotation. This package has been designed specifically to assist with this type of training by including a variety of free weights and machine equipment.

  • IMPROVE TECHNIQUE: The ability to alternate between the barbell and smith machine is awesome for working on technique. The smith machine can help your clients nail the correct movement pattern before loading up the bar or switching to free weights.
  • EXERCISE VARIETY: We've carefully thought out each and every addition to this gym package. Not only do we guarantee you'll be able to target all the major muscle groups, but you'll have enough variety to keep your workouts fresh and progressive for years to come!

  • COMMERCIAL-GRADE EQUIPMENT: Featuring some top-tier equipment, you can have complete peace of minding knowing you've got your hands on some of the best equipment out there at a bargain price.

Commercial Grade Equipment ✓  Big Weight Capacities ✓  Suitable for Everyone ✓  Infinite Exercise Possibilities ✓