Nirvana fixed weight straight bar
Two Nirvana fixed weight straight bar
Close up of the weight on the straight bar
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Nirvana 30 kg Fixed Weight Straight Bar

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Fixed Weight Barbell – Straight

The Fixed Weight Barbell is commonly used to perform circuit training and HIIT. Not only compact, but also durable. In other words, this piece of gym equipment is an easy and economical addition to any home gym or commercial gym. Furthermore, the barbell is made from hardened chrome with the ends, weighted and coated in matt black PU rubber and clearly marked weights in kilograms. 

Benefits of a Straight Fixed Weight Barbell

No messing about with random loose weight plates and working through how to best jump to the next weight level. These fixed weight barbells are a really easy solution to go to a specific weight with ease. Not only simple but also straight forward to use as there is no need to fiddle with gym equipment to optimise your exercises. Simply grab one off the rack, do your set, replace it then jump up (or down) a level to push your results further.

The Fixed Weight Bars allow users to perform most of the exercises they would with a traditional barbell and weight plates. For instance, the big three  – squats, deadlifts, & presses along with a variety of curls and rows to name a few.

In conclusion, these are perfect for any gym of any size. No matter what your training style is, or your goals, the ease and durability are hard to go past!


  • Fixed bar with weighted ends
  • Hardened chrome bar
  • PU Rubber weighted ends
  • Medium textured knurling
  • Commercial quality chromed steel
  • Durable – built to last!


Handle diameter

  • 34mm

Diameter of weight ends

    • 190mm
  • 120 x 30 x 30cm

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