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Nirvana Safety Squat Bar

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Safety Squat Bar

Safety Squat Bars are not only an awesome alternative to the standard barbell. Used for both beginning working on their squat form or for the most advance uses working on their stability for unilateral movements. The cushioning on this bar will give a move comfortable sit of the bar on your shoulders with neutral grip handles for ease of control, especially those with restricted shoulder mobility. The bar its self has a slight camber to it, meaning the user will will be engaging in greater core work to maintain stability and keep the body in an upright position. The Safety Squat bar will also give users greater lateral balance, giving better control and confidence in exercises such as Bulgarian split squats or lunges. The sleeves of the bar are still 50mm in diameter meaning they have the same load system as your standard barbell. Whether you are beginner or advanced, everyone can get an awesome workout with the use of a Safety Squat Bar.

Key Features:

  • Comfortable shoulder cushions
  • Neutral grip handles
  • Slight camber of bar for added stability
  • 50mm Sleeves for Olympic plate loading
Weight 24 kg

223 × 47 × 10 cm